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8 weeks vs 12 weeks gestational age:

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:10pm

In the top pic baby is on the bottom left of the black oval area.  Head on the left- impossible to know it from that picture though! On the screen we could see it better and the doctor zoomed in a bit more and had better angles, but this is the one photo we got from that quick ultrasound.

The second pic- if you need an interpretation- the center of the photo the baby is laying lengthwise with the head on the left, oh his/her back.  You can see the head, eye area, nose coming up, and the mouth and chin.  The dark line across the back is the spine, and right at the end of it on the right you can see the legs are bent, knees, and tiny feet on the far right.

I know I already said it, but wow.  In just 4 weeks look at the difference... Amazing...

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