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7 months could it be?!

Posted Dec 07 2009 12:00am

Thomas is doing so well, I am enjoying every single minute being his mother. When he was six weeks old he had an "awakening" of sorts. He started opening his eyes and taking notice to his new life. He has had another "awakening" and is ALIVE! He has taken to letting out spontaneous giggles that are brief at best! They are heart melters. He could be looking at something or someone or the Angels he likes to talk to in the house:) He loves to follow the conversation in the room with his little head and baby blue eyes. He is grabbing at every. thing. And if it makes it into his hands it goes straight to the mouth. He has grown leaps and bounds this month. Therapy has moved to twice a month to weekly. I can sure tell a big difference. We are still working on eating with a spoon. He really has a stubborn streak. It cracks me up when he turns his head and refuses to open his mouth. Really little guy, you are only six months old and it is food for Pete's sake:)

Red loves her brudder. She has really taken to him since cousin Aveee showed the way over Thanksgiving!

Uncle DayDay captures this. My children always talk early!

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