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6 Month Dental Appointment

Posted May 01 2009 11:29pm
Aiden had to visit Dr. Teeth today for his 6 month exam. Aiden loved flirting with all the nurses/techs, but he was not too happy about getting his teeth brushed. He threw a fit and then his gums started bleeding.

Dr. Teeth prescribed amoxicillin since Aiden is at risk for endocarditis. And that is deadly, so we avoid infection as if it were the plague. Also, Aiden now has to be subjected to the torture of having his teeth brushed 3 times a day to toughen up his gums. Dr. Teeth also prescribed an anti-inflammatory rinse to help the soreness from the grinding Aiden does.

Aiden also has de-calicification on his bottom teeth, so he'll be getting caps put on his teeth.

Aiden goes back in 6 months for cleaning.
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