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48-72 Hours Later

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:14pm

Finally. Georgia is JUST starting to get back to her old self. It has been a LONG and grueling 3 days. There were some pretty sad times over the last 72 hours and I found myself nearly losing it a couple times. I am so thankful that my dad was able to stay with me just to lend his support and do some things around the house. Knowing he was here made it easier for me to sleep at night and he was able to fill a bottle or throw a load of boogery washcloths in the laundry as needed. Because Georgia was doing so much better this morning he decided he could head back to his house and I agreed.

Georgia and I are slowly getting back to "normal" whatever that is. We don't know yet! Just trying to slooooowly go through the boxes and unpack. Settling in.

I think Georgia is mourning Alex. She does not like me to be out of her sight. It is probably partly being sick that is causing her to act this way, but she NEVER acted like this before. If I put her down she whimpers unless she sees that I am staying right there with her. When I turn the corner to go in the other room she begins to cry. I think she is worried I might disappear too! It's really quite sad!

I suppose it's possible that it's a lot of things. The drastic change in weather, PLACE, a missing Daddy, a 103.4 fever (or thereabouts) for 2.5 days. She has a lot to worry about. Luckily we got her crib set up and I found the linens so at least she's had that bit of familiarity. Her favorite place to be though seems to be in my bed with the ceiling fan going round and round above her and me lying next to her talking on the phone to Alex. Although I will admit, after the projectile barfing that landed all over my pillows the other day? I am still a little gun-shy about keeping her in my bed overnight.

I don't know WHAT I am going to do when I have two of these little ragamuffins to take care of! With poop and vomit and boogers. All at the same time??? And...why didn't anyone WARN me about cleaning vomit out of the hair of a feverish toddler?

I suppose it's better no one told me. I might have balked at the whole having kids thing.

But then again, even in the throes of sickness, when your daughter is resting her heavy hot head on your shoulder and gently scratching your upper arm with her fingernail and lightly moaning into your ear you can't help but think, "My God I love this creature. This sweaty, smelly, boogery, germy, creature is just amazing!"

And it makes it that much sweeter when your sick little boog smiles for the first time in days, claps her hands wearily when you ask her too, and eventually begins sitting upright again, paying attention to her toys, babbling and laughing like her old self.

It's a journey.

By the way, I (along with Dr. Google) diagnosed Miss G's sickness as Roseola. The rash she broke out in clinched it for me, though no REAL doctor diagnosed it. The good thing is if it WAS Roseola chances are she has developed an immunity to it and we won't be dealing with it again. I mean, it's possible, and of course her sister of brother can easily come down with it. But hopefully, and Georgia heartily agrees, this is it for her.

OK. Write to me, ok? It gets lonely when you're alone with a toddler in a new place (I am not yet ready to take her out and about since she is still a bit sick). So if you get a chance, pop in and say hi. Yes. I am begging for comments/emails. What can I say?

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