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31 for 21 Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Posted Oct 12 2012 8:30pm
Children that are born with Down Syndrome want what any other child wants.....

To be loved......

To be accepted......

To be able to go to school......

To make friends......

To learn.......

There was a lot happening at Memphis Elementary today.

It was a busy day for Jonathon.

The Firemen were at school today.

It is Fire Safety week.

We had a fire drill.

All the children went outside safely.

All the children and teachers went to the football field to listen to the Firemen talk about fire safety.


There was a huge surprise!

St. Marys Flight Care Arrived in the sky.  I am glad that I was at school today and got to experience this with Jonathon.  I have never been this close to a helicopter before and to be there and watch with Jonathon was amazing.

He was very excited at first when he was looking up into the sky to see what was coming.  He could hear and at first thought it was an airplane.  As it got closer and the wind picked up it got a little scary, but we were prepared because the Firemen warned us ahead of time to shield our eyes.  Jonathon was very scared as the helicopter came closer and then it was quiet again after it landed.

I am so proud of Jonathon.  Two years ago he would have never been able to stay out there and witness this special day.  The noise and the size of the helicopter would have practically scared him to death.  Yes he was scared, but he stayed, and he listened when I told him it would be okay.  Then we hurried off to use the restroom and when we returned all the students were on the football field up close to the helicopter learning more about what St. Marys Flight Care does.  We did not go close to the helicopter.  He is not ready for that yet.  And that's ok.  I know one day he will be thrilled to get into a helicopter, ambulance, fire truck, and learn and see more.  This was good for now.

Afterwards all the students and teachers got a group photo taken.   I did not get this picture.  Maybe when the teachers have it developed they will share and then I can share too.

Children with down syndrome are like any other child.  Maybe some things may take longer to do or learn. Maybe some things may be a bit more scarier.  Most of all they are children who want to learn and succeed just like you and I!

FACT:   People with Down syndrome attend school, work, participate in decisions that affect them, and contribute to society in many wonderful ways.

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