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31 for 21 : Day 29 : A gift called "siblings"

Posted Oct 29 2009 12:00am

The relationship one shares with a sibling is like no other, one you shouldn't take for granted but at the same time perhaps one of the few you can. It goes through different stages and levels of understanding throughout ones lifetime, you play, you fight, you talk, you don't understand the other, you understand the other, you grow apart you grow close, it's a whole gamut of emotions and feelings that makes this relationship what it becomes eventually and with each year and each experience it grows, eventually holding a place in your heart where it remains sealed forever making them always be a part of you. Siblings share so many common joys as well as sadnesses, memories are made and are continued to be made each day, I often wondered how incomplete my life would be if I didn't have my sister or my brother, two very different individuals, meeting very different emotional needs in me but both an essential, intrinsic part of my life. I am thankful everyday.

Me with my brother and sister
From the day Saira was born one of the many concerns that came to my mind was what will happen to her when she is older, when we aren't around to care for her, what is her fate, what does her future hold, but then I have always comforted myself with the thought that firstly I hope to make her as independent as possible and secondly she has a loving caring brother who will hopefully always be there for her. At the same time I have had moments of guilt, perhaps totally unnecessary, thinking about the responsibility that I have laid upon my son, and if it's alot I am asking for from him. I admit sometimes I wished that the responsibility could have been shared and that I had a whole string of kids, since I love them so, who could all care for her but that's just wishful thinking. Saira does have cousins, my sister's two beautiful sons who adore her, and I know they will always be there for her and ofcourse she has her brother Vir, who I know is only seven but I already see how gentle and caring he can be and I feel that thats what a family is all about, through thick and thin. We don't ask for things to happen the way they do, and sometimes they don't happen exactly the way we had expected them to, but in the end they happen for a very specific reason and it's the best way possible they could have happened, the only way, the way it was meant to be. I know deep inside I am depending on Vir and on the people who love her to look out for her always but at the same time I know Saira is going to give back to them in ways unimaginable, she is going enable those around her to see the world through different coloured glasses, she is going to help Vir and others learn about true compassion, unconditional love, understanding, sharing, respect for people and their limitations, patience and acceptance....that is the gift they will receive from her, that is the power of love. Just like me they too wouldn't want nor could imagine a world without her.

Saira with her two loving cousin brothers

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