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2 Year Check Up Results, Testing Results, and New Therapy Thingies

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:27pm 1 Comment

Tuesday Aiden had his 2 year old "Well Child" check up. Dr. Pediatrician ordered a lot of blood to be taken out of one little boy for CBC, Chem 14, thyroid levels, and a celiac panel. We had to wait for the results.

Yesterday, Dr. Pediatrician called.

Everything came back good. Well, almost everything. The celiac panel was negative, thyroid levels were in the normal range. However, Aiden is borderline anemic. So, Dr. Pediatrician is prescribing Aiden some iron supplements. Yeah, sure. Have you ever tried to choke down a liver flavoured pill? Ewwww......

In other doctor news, Dr. Pediatric Orthopaedic Specialist in Cushing has been replaced with Dr. Pediatric Orthopaedic Specialist in Tulsa. YAY!!!! I called Dr. POS in Cushing and they are sending Aiden's x-rays to Dr. POS in Tulsa. Aiden's first appointment is on the 15th.

Dr. ENT who is scared of Aiden's heart has been replaced with new Dr. ENT. They meet for the first time on the 15th also. Again, another no school day for Aiden.

The swallow study Aiden had on Wednesday went well. Aiden isn't aspirating, but he does have a gag reflex. I know, I watched it. He did flash penetrate twice, but both times were minute amounts and the radiologists said not to worry about that. Aiden didn't like the ranch dressing barillium, but he did tolerate it long enough for the study to be done without spitting it all over the radiologists.

Aiden, thankfully, doesn't realize that toys are therapy. He hasn't figured that one out yet. So, most of his birthday toys were bought with therapy development in mind. Yes, I am mean like that. Even the party favours we handed out at his birthday were therapy related. Bubbles. Bubbles are great for fine motor skills and oral motor skills. Shhh... just don't tell the kids....

And Little Boy got a Rifton gait trainer. Friends of ours ordered one for their little guy when he was 3. It took 6 months for the contraption devise to arrive; but by that time Dylan had already learned to walk. Well, Susan put it on Craigslist to sell.

I emailed her and said that if Aiden were anywhere near ready for it that I would take it in a heartbeat. (These aren't cheap; they gave over $1100 for Dylan's and she was selling it for $400.) She emailed me back saying that we could have it.

Well, Susan and Dylan brought it for Aiden during his birthday party on Sunday. And it sat in the garage until Aiden's PT, Karrie, could look at it and lower it for Aiden.

Let's just say that Aiden was not jumping up and down as enthused as Karrie was. He is fascinated with it, but he doesn't want to be in it. He has figured out how to get out of it. So, we will have to work on a harness to keep his little butt sitting in the seat.

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Hello Steph, I know that time as passed, from when your article was poseted.

However, have you looked into Rifton homepage and see if you could use  a chest harness for Aiden... (Dont to forget to mesure the chest and get the apropiate size). 

 That would make it very hard to get out of the gait trainer...And I am very confident, that we will be able to figure a way for Aiden to start to walk while is in the trainer....Best regards Enrico.  Rehab-C. Tech.

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