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2 Year Ago Today At This Very Moment...

Posted Dec 21 2008 10:49pm
I laid in a hospital bed unable to sleep due to the contractions and constant movement of my unborn baby. My labor was supposed to be induced the day before, but the Pitocin drip was stopped since the baby had turned completely over sometime during the last week. He was breech. A c-section would be happening in a few short hours, but my body was still experiencing the contractions from the hour worth of medication that was already in my system. They were becoming less frequent, but the child within me was moving more and more. You know if I didn't know better, I'd swear he was turning back over into position again for a natural birth. I don't know if I was more nervous about the c-section or more relieved that I wouldn't have to endure another labor and natural birth. My body wasn't handling pain as well this time around...

Today is obviously Preston's 2nd Birthday! I wrote his birth story last year on his 1st birthday. You can read that here, and you can also read the story of how we found out we were expecting here.

H A P P Y 2nd B I R T H D A Y,
P R E S T O N !!!

Gabi's 1st time holding her baby brother.

And just because I couldn't resist... Look even Disney is celebrating:

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