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1st Day of School

Posted Oct 17 2008 6:18pm

Today was the first day of school in our county. Gabi started 2nd grade, and Jeremy started his freshman year of high school. Gabi actually let me put her hair in pigtails. Pigtails used to be Gabi's trademark hairdo. Recent years, she hasn't allowed me to do this. She normally screams and cries over her hair being brushed, so it's easier to brush it quickly and leave her be. I was able to do it today because she was so excited to go to school that I was able to distract her with the excitement of "gonna go to school and eat breakfast." Having breakfast at school is exciting for Gabi.

I have been looking forward to having a few hours a day of just me and Preston. Well leave it up to our county to close school early today. No of course it's not a snow day, but they do close schools here for snow even if it's not enough to cover the ground. Today is a half day because it's hot outside! Huh??? The schools are air conditioned! What is that all about? Okay, we have been reaching record highs of 101 (with feels like temperatures of 105-110), but why close school early? I can understand not letting them go outside for Physical Education or recess, but to close down an air-conditioned building because it's hot outside makes no sense to me. Okay! I am through venting on this subject!
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