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1st Day of 10th Grade and 3rd Grade

Posted Aug 14 2008 11:10am
Jeremy (10th grader) and Gabi (3rd grader)

just before heading to the 1st day of school.

First, let me say it's been a busy few days around here. Jeremy never made it in on Monday night like he was supposed to. His 1st flight was delayed. So, if he took the flight, then he would have missed his second flight. He would have had to spend the night in Cincinnati or we would have had to drive there to get him. I really wanted to see my boy, but gas is so expensive to travel to Cincinnati. I told his dad to just send him the next day. It was tough for him to wake up on the 1st day of school being that he got home so late.

Jeremy is now in the 10th grade. Jeremy wasn't too impressed with his 1st day of school. His school is under construction and will be until he is graduated. He said it was a real mess this time and a lot of the hallways are closed making it difficult to get to classes on time. You would think they would extend the time between classes because of this, but they made the time even shorter. Jeremy said he had to go straight to class without going to his locker, never talked to anyone on the way, and just barely made it to his next class.

Gabi was really excited to be back in school. She is in the 3rd grade now. From the note that I received from Ms. Elise yesterday, I would have to say she is probably going through a bit of an adjustment period. I have been dealing with that to since she came home from her trip. (Mom... not blaming you!)

We have received a lot of blessings here this week, too. My chiropractor's office was entering everyone who referred a family member in the month of July to their practice into a drawing for Six Flag tickets. I won them. I had referred Ryan just before they posted the info about the giveaway, but it was still in July. It was perfect because I didn't even do it to win the tickets! Then this morning, I received an email from the NDSS regarding the 2008 Times Square Buddy Walk video. One of the pictures I submitted was selected to be in the video on Times Square! Isn't that fantastic! I submitted 3 pictures. Once they tell me which one was selected, I'll post it here.

Preston is really enjoying playing with the new kitten. He sits on the floor with him while he paws at things on the floor in that playful kitten way, and Preston just giggles with excitement. And... Fat Kitty is still hissing at Hollis. Yes, with 55.2% of the voters choosing Hollis, we are naming him that. I do have to say that several of the suggested names in the comments were seriously considered instead. Thanks AZ for suggesting "Surprise" and Kim for "GiGi". I personally thought "Gary" (suggested by lonestar818 ) was a great suggestion since Gabi is such a huge SpongeBob fan right now. Christina's suggestion of "Tabbi" was great, too. I liked it so much that I named my cat that when I was a little girl. We called her "Tabbi" and "Tabs" which was short for "Tabitha" on Bewitched. Great minds think alike! ;)

Here are the rest of our 1st day of school pictures:


Gabi waiting for her bus in her ballet/tap shoes. Sometimes she says

they are ballet shoes and other times she says they are tap shoes!

I love her smile!

The bus was taking a long time. So Gabi was getting tired.

And yes that is a jacket! She started getting cold since the

temperatures in the morning are as low as 60 lately.

( sniff sniff Summer, where are you going?)

How can anyone look at this face and use such cruel words?

(See my Tropic Thunder Boycott post.)

Gabi insisted on taking a picture with her momma (who was less

than thrilled since she was unshowered, had barely brushed her

hair, had on no make-up and is in desperate need of an eyebrow

wax, hair cut, and hair dye)! Oh well! There it is people! How is

that for reality?
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