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11 of 2 + 5 mistakes! George career first now ZhanWei wheel makes it difficult to cope

Posted Mar 11 2013 2:52am
The pacers at Miami today, the former in forward Paul, George, continue to start game he played 41 minutes 17 seconds, have been restricted to the other side of the CheLunZhan defense, lebron James, dwyane wade and Allen take turns to appear in front of him, all he has experienced five mistakes, only 2 of 11 shots had 10 Nike Air Max TN points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, and the pacers 91-105 loss. Look at George's game throughout his career, to reach at least 11 times like today, but could not hit a total of only three more than two. That four of his mistakes are not so much as it is today, to see from this level, it may be described as the worst performance since his a game. With granger injury this season, George took the upper become the core of the team. So far this before he is averaging 17.7 points, 7.9 rebounds and 4.0 assists, and the score for the team first, two other data for the second team. In the latest issue of the MVP list, George still top 10 (8), thus his strengths. Twice before the two teams this season, the pacers are to win, but that two games is conducted at indiana. George in the play are all very good, and the first scored 29 points and 11 rebounds, although the second score is not much, but it's very comprehensive, with 15 points, six rebounds and six assists and 2 steals. Facing the defending Nike Air Max 24/7 champion, George admitted that he was very excited, and even to the point of insomnia. "They played well, we are recently the team to beat them," George said, "it would be a fun game, we will be ready, because we were 2-0 up now." But just after the opening state, George can be bland, although into the three points a, once again want to dunk was fouled after 2 of 2, but it is only after he played the first quarter alone have to score, in addition, he also passes in 2 times, this is not a core player due status. Time section, the pacers to change strategy, mainly by the insider attack, George in the only hit a 3-pointer, and no other obvious performance. Into the second half, don't know whether because of rivals in the fight, or the pacers accustomed to play inside, George always cannot find the status on this point. Not only that, but he is on the offensive end and some attention. Walkers in the section 9 1/2 minutes left for 14 points behind, the sidelines Shouting, but George is back after two Nike Trainer 1.3 Max Breathe consecutive steals, one is in his frontcourt dribbling, check each other moss the back slip to touch up the ball directly to him from behind. In the third quarter, George did not score. In spite of this, the pacers aspects in the fourth quarter after the start and to stay in it field, but the effect is not ideal, the face of him wade, his pace was completely disrupted, even after getting fouled cannot will throw into the basket. After the defender for ray Allen, George didn't also the way occupy advantage, besides time and time again while the iron is hot, have no performance, finally the walker also lost the game. Then, use the cover of Howard and kobe Bryant hit two goals in a row, douse the kickback of bulls hope thoroughly, the lakers eventually defeated the bulls success. Around him, after the game, kobe and Dwight Howard to the team's victory, and rose to 8 in the west and more two people's cooperation, even the American journalist sighed said, Bryant and attachment of warcraft has never been so good. Nash six of nine shots contribution to 16 points, in which he a wave of attacks Nike Air Max 2012 High Heels in the third quarter, as the lakers opened up crazy attack. Nash of the third quarter of this wave of the offensive, from the time it is about 76 s personal scored 7 points. It's not strange, feel a little better players can do it. But rare is rare in Nash goal in this wave of attacks are wonderful. Just dozen 1 minute 46 second, third quarter wave hair elder brother perimeter three-point shot hit.
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