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Los Angeles, California
Douglas Eby, M.A., is a writer and researcher on the psychological aspects of creative expression and personal growth, and is author of the Talent Development Resources site. Some posts here on Wellsphere are by Assoc. Editor Cat Robson.
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Disarming the brain’s fear response

Fear and anxiety can keep us from pursuing dreams, exploring creative projects and in other ways realizing our talents. Fear can take...

Dancing With Our Unconscious

Being creative and realizing our talents involves self-awareness and respecting who we really are, including our unconscious depths. In an...

Beethoven and Stress Induced Growth

Two of the themes of positive psychology that make the field relevant are resilience and thriving: how some people not only endure but transcend...

Living authentically takes guts

“The most courageous thing a person can do is to live an authentic life.” Terri Amos, a spiritual coach, also thinks “We are all worthy...

Becoming what we think about

An article notes that Viktor Frankl “spent the war years in a concentration camp. “Now I don’t suppose anyone has ever experienced more...
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