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Healthy eating and wellness is not about forcing yourself to ear celery and rice cakes. It can become a fun "art form" of creative cooking and/or raw food creations. Along with that, it is my firm belief that we can influence our health and well being by controlling what we put into our... Full Bio
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When Blackbirds Fly (…to Babylonstoren Farm and Hotel, South Africa)

  "Let's fly away, so high away from here, where the air and water is clear, you can make bread…..and I'll make beer" – Michael Franks...

The New [Superfood] Kids on the Block (Part 2): Moringa

[photo from the website which sells high quality Moringa] After falling in "Nutrition Love" with the amazing Superfood...

Body, (Part 30), a.k.a., “Skin Tight” (…The Jeans Slideshow)

I'm a little concerned that, as a "Professional Girl-Watcher", I don't see as many pair of nice jeans as I did "back in the day". What used...

Home Cookin’ !!! Seafood Servings “Over and Over”, in a Hamilton Island Australia home

Breaking my own rules and slipping in a little nutrition science into one of my "Made for Browsing" posts, contrary to belief, many...

Food for Thought: My Second Life

My "First Life", from birth until perhaps a year ago, was basically my old "World View", as I call it, my accumulated perceptions on race,...

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