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Healthy eating and wellness is not about forcing yourself to ear celery and rice cakes. It can become a fun "art form" of creative cooking and/or raw food creations. Along with that, it is my firm belief that we can influence our health and well being by controlling what we put into our... Full Bio
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The Garden of Eatin’ … (Episode 3, “Coming to Life…Like a Symphony”)

  "April is not the cruelest month, if I may disagree with the eloquent gloom, of the poet of doom " –Michael Franks (from the song...

Men’s Health: Nutrients for Male Vitality and Well Being (Part 5)

This latest batch of nutrients and foods for Male Vitality is the first batch I have not extensively tried yet, but I do want to bring them...

“Freestyle” Baked Veggie Stacks

I apologize in advance because this recipe is not perfected, but I just wanna throw it in my "Healthy Chef's Cookbook" as I do with...

Body (Part 26), a.k.a., “Alligator Woman” (The “Tatted Ladies” Slideshow)

Nobody but me remembers the Old School track "Alligator Woman" by my boys Cameo, but it was so wild, different, crazy, and "out of...

The Garden of Eatin’, (Episode 2 …… “Growing Pains”)

….sorting through the "Information Overload", to get my first edible garden started Geez, I'm not one that often becomes a victim of...

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