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Health Maven's Answer
Jun 01 2007 5:31pm
Read this - Why Training One Bodypart Per Week is Flat Out Dumb Good... more
Jan 01 2009 8:06am
Go here and get my free report on 7 Action Steps you can take today in order to get to... more
Jan 01 2009 8:00am
The best in the business is probably Eric Cressey at... more
Nov 29 2008 12:33pm
Oct 22 2008 2:53pm
Yeah I hear ya - This is a problem area in a lot of my clients - And Push-ups are a... more
Nov 29 2008 12:15pm
Yeah it's definitely important to keep your metabolism churning - Read... more
Nov 29 2008 12:11pm
It's funny you mention that you'd like to be able to lift heavy stuff and lose... more
Nov 29 2008 12:08pm
I did a blog post on this exact subject - Should I lift weights before or after... more
Nov 29 2008 11:56am