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I strive to write my blog with wit, warmth and passion. My passions? Food, exercise and randonmess. I strongly believe that eating real, whole foods -- consisting of lots of vegetables -- is the key to health. Highly processed yet "low fat" or "low carb" foods will leave us... Full Bio
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Bellingham Bay Marathon Training: Week 8 – The Week Running Sucked

How have I already completed EIGHT WEEKS of marathon training? I thought this just started? I thought I was still making “new to training”...

Bellingham Bay Marathon Training: Week 7 – Nailing The Progression Run

Last week was a big week for me. On Monday morning, I woke up at 5am at The Westin hotel to get ready for a day of moving to a new apartment. So...

Bellingham Bay Marathon Training: Week 6 – Ode to The Running System

In this post: I had a great running system from my old apartment before I moved. Also, I nailed 2×2 miles, did OK at 10×200 and my 14-miler...

Bellingham Bay Marathon Training: Week 5 – My First Team DetermiNation Run

Another week closer to the marathon, and a memorable one at that. I ran my long run with my American Cancer Society DetermiNation team for the...

Bellingham Bay Marathon Training Week 4 – Cape Cod Running

Andy and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a week-long vacation with the pup on Cape Cod. It’s our favorite spot because it is the...

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