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I am a 40 years young, full-time working Wife, Mom and sometime student and most recently, a... Full Bio
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The big thing here is setting appropriate expectations.  1 to 2 lbs. a week is... more
Feb 10 2009 10:12am
All that really matters is that there is a caloric deficit created daily, which can be... more
Feb 10 2009 10:05am
My weight loss surgery path has show losses in steps.  I would plateau often,but then... more
Jan 29 2009 10:32am
Personally I have had a gastric bypass.  I have several friends who have also had... more
Jan 29 2009 6:12am
Of course I am not a dotor, but I have also heard of should pain due to... more
Jan 18 2009 4:48am
Douglas R is right... of course I'm not a medical professional, I just have hardcore... more
Dec 23 2008 5:36am
Usually, at least in my experience, I see the most collisions during the start of a... more
Dec 04 2008 12:44pm
I replaced my wired device with a CATeye computer.  It is compact and light.  It... more
Dec 04 2008 12:38pm
Did you practice a routine of weightlifting?  Strength training can increase lean... more
Nov 07 2008 11:53am
I suppose it depends on how you look at it.  I recently read and article that say Rye... more
Oct 17 2008 7:02am