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League City, Texas
I am a 40 years young, full-time working Wife, Mom and sometime student and most recently, a... Full Bio
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What's Happening???

For one, it is less than 11 weeks from IMFL. How's my training going? Very carefully and very s-l-o-w-l-y.  Back in May I was attacked by a...


“Shame corrodes the very part of us  that believes we are capable of change.” ― Brené Brown ―   I Thought It Was Just Me: Women...

Meatballs and Monday

Quick entry to get caught up.  I had a good week of training last week, missing just 1 workout in the end.  Gotta keep it going.  I am starting...

Breakfast 1/3

Breakfast today was delish, although it is probably more of brunch entree to some. Verde Breakfast Stack Baked sweet potato 2...

Lunch 1/2

Homemade Roast Beef w/fresh peas and carrots! Okay,  I know peas are not paleo legal,  but they are fresh and no one gets fat from eating...

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