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Richmond, Virginia
I'm a working mom with two children.  My oldest child, Alexandra, is 8 years old and clinically diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome.  My blog, is dedicated to the special journey our family is on with our very special girl.  This blog chronicles our family and how she touches our... Full Bio
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What A Difference A Year Makes! this.... ...and even to this once you are back home. Alex still requires 100% assistance in everything, including shifting her...

Santa's Merry Mall

Ho, Ho, Ho - welcome Santa!! All of the kids were so excited to see Santa - including Alex (and Mr. Scott!!)  Thanks to...

I'm Thankful!

A week late, but better late than never!  We had a very nice Thanksgiving this year.  While things are never perfect, I have so much to be...

It's Official....

We have a teenager :) My sweet girl turned 13 on Sunday. On Friday afternoon I went to her school to bring cupcakes to celebrate with...

Hard Work Does Pay Off!!

walked by HERSELF!!!  Look at her smiling - she is so happy and proud of herself!!!!!  As she should be.  I'm SO proud of her.  And happy for...

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