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I'm an ultrarunner/triathlete in Monterey County, CA. My website features gear reviews, photo tours, race reports, training advice, and lessons on finding the proper balance in life.
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Farewell and Amen

“Sometimes the light's all shining on me – Other times I can barely see – Lately it occurs to me – What a long,...

Soft Star Rogue Review; Soft Star Metro Review

*Admin note: we’re in the homestretch!  One final product review here, and a farewell post before 2012 expires.  Thanks to everyone...

Random Shots of Christmas

A truck full of toys … All laid out on a stage … Plus a joyful...

GoLite Black Mountain Thermal Wind Pants Review; GoLite Cross Timbers Zonal Tights Review

It’s not exactly a coincidence that I’ve talked about GoLite a few times in the past month or so, and today’s review is a perfect...

Random Shots of Christmas; Injinji Sock Contest Winners

Apologies for another late weekend post … and let’s get right into things.  In honor of the season, I’m converting the customary...

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