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CoTyrone, Ireland
Hi everyone, i am "Kate Moss's" sister, you all know her as ccorr. I live along the shores of Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland. I'm married with 3 boys, my father lives with us and we have a new Lhasa Apso puppy so I'm kept busy at home.
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Mar 05 2009 by ccorr

Hi Dolores,

Have not been posting on the board lately. How are you doing? Stepped on the scales  today and today I have lost 13lbs and sticking to the NS diet the best I can. Still walking a mile most days and exercise for 30 minutes. Talk with you over the weekend.


Feb 08 2009 by ccorr
What about the weight watchers? I think it's a really good idea. It really worked for you before. Let the games begin :))
Feb 03 2009 by Mary N.

Hey Dolores, Welcome!

We're such an honest bunch now that we're all 'reporting' to each other. The website is a bit quirky but I think we're enjoying the team commitmant and we love the connection with home!

Look forward to some great team work here. Kate Moss watch out!


Mary and Harry

Feb 02 2009 by ccorr
Dolores what size of cup are you using to get your water intake?
Feb 02 2009 by ccorr
Right On!! Good start Dolores. Now make sure you warm-up those muscles ;))
Feb 02 2009 by Dolores
first day in Team Slainte, i'm thinking more about my intake of water mainly because I've stated that i would do it to my team mates, getting to know my way around the site, today has started good, 3 mile walk and 15 on cross trainer.