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Sep 14 2010 by DollCan


My Video blog!!  :)


Sep 14 2010 by DollCan


My Video blog!!  :)


Mar 27 2010 by DollCan

Not much progress to report. :(  This week is going to be better!  :)


Mar 27 2010 by Keely
Wooo-Hooo! I'm cheering but I don't see any progress reports! How are you doing? ~Keely
Mar 18 2010 by DollCan

Thanks ladies!  Did much better yesterday.  I went to a NIA class in the morning...absolutely amazing.  Kate, you should come with me next time...would be lots of fun.


Off to drink my smoothie!

Mar 15 2010 by Kate M.
You go girl! Kate xoxo
Mar 13 2010 by Stacey T.
Atta girl Doll! I believe in you, and I think you've set a great target! We love you, and we're cheering you on with big green pom-poms! Luv, Stacey
Mar 13 2010 by DollCan

Thought I'd write on my board.  Continuing my journey.  Such fun!  Leave a message of enouragement please!