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I'm 26 and have had ME/CFS since May 2008. When I'm not working part-time, I spend my time resting, recovering, trying to enjoy the small things in life. I've been on a strict "wellness protocol" for the last two years, and I've seen genuine improvements (albeit very slow)...I've gone... Full Bio
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Progress of my physical activity

I've been in a bit of an emotional slump this last month or so, on the verge of tears (and beyond) constantly, and have been trying to pull myself...

Vendor website for arts/crafts by the chronically ill?

So, to start, an update I guess. Feeling pretty down lately, my stupid jaw is not getting much better (can't open much to eat or talk) and my legs...

Breaking down....and building back up?

Ugh, I am SO incredibly frustrated right now! I feel like my body is falling apart. My back is not better from the whiplash; I can't sit up from...

Nutrition Talk

I've been a terrible blogger, and a terrible blog reader the last few months. I've been trying out a new "exercise" regime and spend pretty much...

Linking Lyme Disease to CFS?

I've been hatching a bit of a scheme lately. I haven't taken any action on it yet, but I thought I'd put it out there at least, to get some...

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