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lakewood, Colorado
, Dr. Ron Spallone, DC is the clinic director at . We are located in Lakewood, Colorado and serve Denver, Lakewood and Littleton.  We practice complimentary and alternative medicine including chiropractic care, science based nutritional protocols via blood testing, neurotransmitter therapy... Full Bio
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Should You Get a Cortisone Shot for Low Back Pain?

Should you get a cortisone shot for low back pain? Many patients come to our alternative medicine clinic in Lakewood, Colorado dire straits when...

Sarapin: A Healthy Alternative to Cortisone

Alternatives to Cortisone: Sarapin Injections When it comes to chronic pain management – especially in regards to muscle nerve...

Can A Chiropractor Help With Whiplash?

I survived this car accident after being hit head on by a drunk driver at 65 MPH. Whiplash was only one of the conditions I...

Is A Herniated Disc The Same Thing As A Bulging Disc?

Lumbar Discs Herniated, bulging, ruptured and deteriorated discs are being diagnosed more frequently today than ever before. Not because...

Your Individualized Food Blueprint – The Missing Key To A New You

  Have you been to the doctor multiple times and no matter what tests he or she orders, they can’t seem to find any major answers? Or on...

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