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Apr 10 2013 by Lynora L.
I woke up with a lump on my forehead near my hairline and it felt like it was burning the first day then today I woke up and its still there and my whole head my whole front head hurts really bad I went to my primary doctor and she gave me antibiotics and steroids. she thinks it may have something to do with my lupus . it got so bad today that I went to the hospital and the hospital didn't really do anything except tell me that it may be a cyst I do not believe it is a says because its hard.
Mar 02 2010 by jon
Why does my daughter break out in rash, during summer? When she runs, she gets really itchy. She was born with excema, about 90 % of her body. It's under control now. She just has flare ups in dry weather. Bending areas. Back of neck,wrist,behind knees,etc. What can she do? She takes claritin.
May 11 2009 by mspris4170
Where is the cheapest place to buy Atopiclair.  My grandson was prescribed this medication for his exczema and his insurance company will not cover the cost of $150 dollars.