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Recovery Day Funsies: Danimal v/s Animal

Yeah, this has nothing to do with triathlons or marathons, but it's my day off from training,and...this is hilarious. Check out the staring...

Hit The Bricks (Movin' On Up)

Today I got up at 4:30am without complaining, because today I got to move up a rung on the comeback ladder. Today I graduated from training just...

That's My Jam

I went to swim class on Friday, and after a warm up, I got settled into the DMC Pop Lock stroke, and funked my way down the pool. I was so tired...

Gear: The Elliptigo

I heard about this when I read Kara Goucher's latest blog entry on Competitor . Apparently her husband is training through an injury on it. I...

Race Report: Japan Day 4m

A race report! I finally get to do a race report! I checked my history and it is almost a year to the DAY since my last one! Today I ran the...

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