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Pasay City, Philippines
I started this blog so I can do something for myself after taking care of my father for almost 4 years until he died. With many year of being inactive in the food industry, creating this blog is my way to promote myself and to reach more to other people. With my training in culinary arts and... Full Bio
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Six Months and Not Counting

Nate would be six months tomorrow. How time flies. I can’t imagine how the days, weeks and months went by. It just passed by very...

Three Months of Motherhood

I thought Nate would never come out - June 18, 2014 When I gave birth to Nathan, I received a lot of advice and words...

On Juicing

J and I are experiencing colds at the same time. We woke up yesterday morning not feeling well and we’re worried that Baby Nate might...

The Quintessential Breakfast

How many of you are eating breakfast? If so, what do you eat? I rarely eat breakfast when I was in elementary and high school or...

Caramelized Onion Tart with Emmenthal Cheese and Bacon

The sweet aroma of caramelized onions fills the entire kitchen as it cools down. I can still smell it with a hint of fresh thyme as I pass...
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