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BookCrossing: A Good Way to Let Go of Books Hoarding books was a bugaboo of mine for many years until I found BookCrossing. BookCrossing is a website where you register your book and then "set it free" into the "wild" (the world) and then the ...
Nov 25 2007 7:45pm
... t but I have been accumulating more and more books lately. This really is an interesting ... more
Nov 29 2007 7:00pm
Read this book "The Omnivore's Dilemma" is an amazing book about food and where it comes from and what it means to our environment. It is one of the best books I'm read in a long time. Buy it used to save a tree : ...
Sep 20 2007 12:16am
The author, Michael Pollan, is speaking at Stanford University on March 3. For more infor ... more
Jan 16 2008 3:18pm
Volleyball books Here is a list of good volleyball books to check out: * Beginning Volleyball (Beginning Sports) - * Coaching Volleyball * Coaching Volleyball Successfully * Karch Kiraly's Championship Volleyball ...
Jun 14 2007 6:46pm
Arie Selinger's "Power Volleyball" is probably the best volleyball book ever written. ... more
Apr 30 2009 11:28am
Self-help books I know, I know, they seem so cheesy. Some are. For that reason, I don't buy them. I go to the library. Search the self-help section, or even the psychology section. Find a book that is applicable ...
Jun 30 2007 10:52am
I agree with what has been said.  I resisted, for years, turning my seminar material int ... more
May 15 2009 4:40am
Book explains mom's plastic surgery to children here's a book due to be released on Mother's Day called "My Beautiful Mommy," created to help children understand their mother's plastic surgery. Click on the link above to read the article. I'd love ...
Apr 18 2008 6:26pm
How do we then teach our daughters about self esteem and true self worth? "Cut it away a ... more
Jun 20 2008 6:52pm
Walk to books on tape! Remember “books on tape”? Well, now they’re on CD’s that you can download and put on your MP3 player. Here’s a little variation from your standard tunes on your daily walk: listen to some books! You ...
Dec 19 2007 6:41pm
Housecleaning Workout Tip: Battle of the Books Books multiply and gather in all sorts of nooks and crannies around the house. Have you taken stock of your inventory lately? When picking up, sorting and organizing, add these exercises to your boo ...
Feb 01 2008 11:13am
Is The Safe and Smart Weight Loss Edge Gold Package a good fit for you? Book Review The Safe and Smart Weight Loss Edge E-Book is for someone who is overwhelmed by the weight loss process. If you have little time to conduct searches on the internet, then Barbara Ling will save you ...
Feb 11 2008 12:12pm
Thanks for this review.  Very helpful.   ----------------------------------------- ... more
Nov 08 2009 4:27am
does any one know of a really simple healthy cook book I always come across books that state they are simple! But to me honest, I don't have many of their ingredients in my pantry! Maybe I need to go out and buy a bunch of stuff, or I’m hoping to find ...
Mar 03 2008 11:40am
Hi Erica, I still have "The Healthy College Cookbook: Quick. Cheap. Easy." which ... more
Mar 03 2008 3:17pm
Help needed for new e-book on vegetable gardening Hello, I'm researching for a new e-book that will be like a beginners guide to vegetable gardening. I want to help encourage more people like you to become passionate about growing their own pr ...
May 25 2009 5:32am