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Free Online yoga I had good intentions to go to the gym yesterday for yoga, but i sort of ran out of time, so instead, I looked online and found free yoga video downloads on It was perfect. Though the ...
Jul 25 2007 9:00am
iPods and Pilates and Yoga, Oh my! I've just discovered the beautiful world of podcasts (yea, it probably took me longer than most people, but still...) If you own and ipod, or have itunes, you can download free pilates and yoga video ...
Jul 15 2007 7:11pm
... , but I would never have thought to look for yoga videos (or fitness in general). I will ... more
Aug 08 2007 6:27pm
5 Ways to Add Years to Your Life We really can effect how long we live, and to think all it takes is adding some nutrients to your diet, and some enjoyment towards the little things. You can live 22 years longer or more with these ...
Jul 18 2008 4:17pm
Fit, not Frail: Exercise as a Tonic for Aging Did you know that every hour of every day, 330 Americans turn 60? When our bodies start to go snap, crackle, pop we might not feel very inspired to keep a fitness routine, but having one is possible ...
Aug 01 2008 9:34am
Sculpt Firm and Shapely Legs in 6 Moves Looking great in short shorts and flirty skirts can be your reality, because just a stability ball, weights and a step can give you great legs. In about twenty minutes you can be on your way to hav ...
Aug 11 2008 9:06am
You should include running. Running is one of the best more
Nov 30 2011 6:37am
Yoga For Kids-Tried it out! Yesterday, we decided to see if our son likes yoga. We all got down on the floor and did a yoga for kids video together. Not only did he have fun interacting with us but pretending to be a for allig ...
Dec 27 2007 8:23am
... g a little bit about teaching kids how to do yoga at an upcoming teacher training; should ... more
Dec 28 2007 9:59pm
"Inappropriate Yoga Guy" There's a video on YouTube poking fun at guys who hit on girls in yoga class (though I thought the girl in the video was just as annoying). So what do you think of people meeting each other in yoga ...
Dec 26 2007 10:10pm
... ho wouldn't be able to point out a "serious" yoga guy from the guy that's just there to ch ... more
Jun 20 2008 6:42pm
Yoga for weight loss Hey, I'm Maria, am new here. I just needed motivation to lose weight. It's an ongoing war between me and my third scale ;). Cant use the gym due to an old injury. I just wanted to know if yoga is a go ...
May 14 2008 12:02am
... e videos and pictures online. There's even a yogapedia for all th eyoga related questions ... more
May 20 2008 11:55pm
Yoga Today podcasts I've been doing yoga for about 20 years -- mostly Iyengar Yoga. For many years I practiced several hours a day; now my practice is more in the 20-30 minutes/day range. Kids, you know. But a few month ...
Jun 10 2007 7:34am
Yoga Trance Dance Yoga Trance Dance is a dance event created by Shiva Rea, a well-known yoga instructor based out of Los Angeles. A Yoga Trance Dance event starts out with some slow and easy yoga moves and then evolves ...
Jun 30 2007 11:41pm
Really? Where can I get a preview of what YOGA TRANCE DANCE looks like?! more
Jun 10 2009 5:44pm