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Yoga class Going to a yoga class is always more helpful to me than trying to do yoga on my own. I took a few yoga classes and thought I would be able to continue doing yoga every morning at home, but I forgot s ...
Jan 13 2008 3:20pm
Whatever it may, going to yoga class or meditation, all will be good fo ... more
Nov 09 2009 9:25pm
Meditation/yoga class I just move to New York and am looking for someone to go to yoga or meditation class. Anyone interested?
Jan 13 2008 8:25pm
Sounds great! See you there at 8:00 more
Jan 13 2008 8:30pm
"Inappropriate Yoga Guy" There's a video on YouTube poking fun at guys who hit on girls in yoga class (though I thought the girl in the video was just as annoying). So what do you think of people meeting each other in yoga ...
Dec 26 2007 10:10pm
... ho wouldn't be able to point out a "serious" yoga guy from the guy that's just there to ch ... more
Jun 20 2008 6:42pm
Yoga as an Adjunct to Cancer Treatment Article Title: Yoga as an Adjunct to Cancer Treatment By: Deborah Crooks While the billions of dollars spent on cancer research each year have yet to yield a cure, yoga practice is being accepted ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Yoga at the Y-Oakland I finally overcame my intimidation of yoga classes, and checked out the 5PM yoga class at the YMCA in Oakland. It was great for beginners! The class was certainly more geared toward relaxation than ...
Jul 09 2007 8:26am
Hot yoga! For some reason, it is so hard for me to attend yoga classes. I have a membership to an amazing yoga studio, I LOVE and enjoy Bikram, but yet...I rarely go! I think my hesitation to attend yoga class ...
Apr 22 2007 1:39pm
Bikram = HOT Yoga My mom told me she tried a yoga class recently and didn't like yoga because it was an unbearably hot and sweaty experience. Thought there might be some others out there who didn't know the different ...
Dec 27 2007 10:15am
Some people can be kindly directed while others need to be hammered upon the head. AS lo ... more
Jan 29 2008 5:31pm
Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Mexico in April 2010 YogaYou in Cabot, AR is hosting a Yoga retreat on a beautiful beach in Tulum, Mexico April 3-10, 2010.   Registered yoga teacher, Sharla Holladay will be teaching yoga classes daily.   Along w ...
Jan 22 2010 11:46am
Maya Tulum Is stunning, our yoga studio goes at Thanksgiving every year! more
Apr 07 2010 5:52am
If You're New to Yoga, Take it Easy at the Start In San Francisco, it's literally hard to drive down a city block and not see a sign for a yoga studio. Bikram, Ashtanga, power yoga - they're all available and not just in yoga studios. Yoga has i ...
Aug 17 2007 10:35am
Yoga Flow at Home Sometimes it's hard to get to yoga class, and even putting in a DVD can be a bit time consuming. Start learning some simple yoga flows so you can do a full yoga routine by yourself without anyone di ...
Nov 10 2007 11:48pm
Of course it's better to have a (good) teacher, but practicing without a teacher is better ... more
Nov 16 2007 9:49am