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Got a WiiFit-Time to do some research of my own (from 5/22) (I'm posting this a day late-my computer was giving me problems yesterday) I got the WiiFit today, and I'm so excited. I didn't get to turn it on until about 10 p.m. My fiance is doing the ...
May 23 2008 7:02pm
Wii tennis getting even more realistic Can't make it to the court because of rain or snow? If you have a Nintendo Wii, don't fret! Prince, the tennis equipment maker, is producing a Wii racquet, an accessory in which you place your Wii Mot ...
Nov 05 2007 6:42pm
Believe it or not, on Wii Tennis, if you're watching the ball on th ... more
Nov 24 2007 7:31am
Wii Fit on the Today Show Check out the video I linked to above on the WiiFit. I am so excited to get it this week, and I was glad to see some "real life" utilization of the WiiFit-not just the video produced for websites an ...
May 17 2008 6:38pm
It looks pretty fun :) more
May 19 2008 1:02pm
WiiFit fun Talk about keeping us on task! Today, the WiiFit put my fiance on the spot and asked how my posture was looking. (We both have "Miis" and are using the WiiFit consistently). Of the choices on scr ...
May 27 2008 6:20pm
Wii Fit My family and I just love the Wii Fit. We try to do the activities together to bond and to keep in shape. It's fun, easy and it definitley works. The Wii Fit is an amazing interactive video game ...
Dec 03 2008 2:43pm
BP Holdings News Updates│SAPO BP Holdings donerer $ 800 000 Til støtte for orkanen Sandy utvinning innsats, og som svar på stormen som rammet USA nordøst denne uken, har BP donert et stor ...
Jan 29 2013 6:49am
stor informativ artikkel... more
Jan 29 2013 6:50am
My first real experience with the WiiFIt I love the WiiFit as much as I thought I would. And the awesome part, I actually did work up a sweat after 30 minutes of aerobics, strength training and yoga. I felt my thigh muscles burn a bit, and ...
May 23 2008 7:11pm
Glad you enjoyed it. I've been looking for an excuse to buy one. I think I'll try out my n ... more
Dec 12 2008 6:45pm
Fitness guru attracts stars with Wii bit of fun Studeo 55 may be the first fitness club that has incorporated Nintendo Wii into its circuit training. Nathan Mellalieu, owner of the club which has attracted Jennifer Garner, Nick Cannon and other cel ...
Aug 30 2007 6:15pm
... it's here. And I think it's great. I have a Wii myself, and I've actually broken a slight ... more
Sep 04 2007 2:07pm
Goal Updated I updated my goal, and now it reads as follows: My Goal: To live Freely, Healthily, and Vibrantly in the new world that is global, digital, and mobile.
Nov 19 2007 11:21am
What's your favorite Wii Fit Activity With all the exercises and games on the Wii fit, what's your favorite one?
Feb 04 2009 7:13am
Anyone doing well on the advanced step? more
May 20 2009 3:42pm