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What Type Of Insect Bite Can Cause Swelling The Size Of A Golf Ball - General Discussions

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Lavender and peppermint as an insect repellents Not only is the smell of lavender great to help you relax and destress, but it call also help you prevent the stress of being bother by bugs. Consider planting lavender around the areas outdoors you ...
May 26 2008 5:04pm
This is great news! I love lavender and I seem to be a mosquito magnet, so I'll defiantly ... more
May 27 2008 2:57pm
Disc Golf I play racquetball with a player who also plays disc golf. He told me a little bit about it, and it sounds like a challenge but a great way to get outdoors and have competitive fun with friends. ...
Nov 22 2007 7:12am
Corrective Golf I wanted to check in and see if anyone has any input on this. I just started playing golf and am not yet quite sure of what I'm doing. However, my friends wanted me to play with them so I went out the ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... o learn the keys and to do scales before you can play a song. more
Jul 11 2007 11:35am
Being physically fit is key to golf longevity A lot of people think of golf as a non-athletic activity rather than as a sport. These people are wrong! The golf swing is one of the most technically difficult motions the human bo ...
Feb 01 2008 11:26am
Top 5 Do's For Golf 1. Wish everyone luck. 2. Replace divets. Remember Pretty Woman (if it had been golf?) 3. Yell "Fore" if the ball's in danger of hitting someone. 4. Call a group through if you can't find your ball. ...
Jul 20 2007 10:35am
... t on equipment and happenings by reading the golf magazines, and watching the tournaments ... more
Jan 13 2008 6:59pm
Top 5 Do Not's For Golf Don't... 1. Hit the ball if anyone's in range. Ouch. 2. Yack away when someone's preparing a hit. 3. Replace divots on the tee. A no-no. 4. Walk over a putting line when on the green. 5. Swear, shout ...
Jul 20 2007 10:37am
... e swings, or have a confab at other players' golf balls; go to your own ball, and be ready ... more
Jan 13 2008 7:03pm
Golf for Beginners Golf is one of the rare sports that where you can have some alone-time and play by yourself; or you can bond with a buddy over a friendly. In either case, it gets you outside, closer to nature and th ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... asy to find the sharpest prices possible for whatever you are looking for, and have it del ... more
May 29 2009 5:48pm
Play Golf, and save the environment. Golf is a great sport to play – it is peaceful, stimulating, and relaxing – often at the same time. But another good reason to play golf is that studies indicate that areas having a golf cour ...
Aug 20 2007 11:14pm
Golf Etiquette If you are just starting to play, check this site out. Etiquette is VERY IMPORTANT in the game of golf and no one wants to make a fool of themselves ...
Jun 05 2007 1:35pm
... thing that was most daunting. I had no idea what to do when, and didn't even know I wasn' ... more
Jul 20 2007 10:43am
Mini Golf Last Sat I had a choice: movie, bar, or mini golf. I have not played mini golf in ten years, so I opted for it. It was fun. There are a lot of courses around, if you google it. And, talk about a he ...
Jul 23 2007 12:19pm
... ight want to hit the ball too hard. Although what you said about an alternative to some of ... more
Aug 03 2007 6:39pm