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What To Say To Wife Frustrated With Breastfeeding - General Discussions

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I need help, so i can help my wife? My wife is always getting sick, always........ Symptons right now are sever body aches, diarhea, runy nose, and bad sorethroat what might it be and how can i treat it or help?  
Mar 07 2011 2:38am
... octor. Simply symptoms can’t enough to judge what actual problem is?  Proper health treatm ... more
May 13 2014 5:50am
Allstate Insurance Disability Problems Greetings All, I have a serious problem with Allstate Insurance. I am a divorced male and part of my divorce agreement states that I have to have a disability policy in case I get hurt so as to be abl ...
Jan 25 2009 5:01am
It is a pity that you have so harsh time to get a policy to fulfill that kind of agreement ... more
Jun 14 2011 6:05pm
Just Say No As a people pleaser, I have to admit that one of the hardest things for me to do is to say No. I will tend to make promises up one side and down the other that I'll call someone next week, go out, d ...
Jul 31 2007 11:06pm
... ll you I am not. I'm becoming quite adept at saying no. I try to be polite and explain tha ... more
Dec 06 2007 2:11pm
Fast food salads may be hiding calories, says cardiologist Quick serve restaurants have responded to criticism that super sized meals are contributing to America's growing obesity problems by offering more salads with more add-ons. However, fast-food salads a ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Circadian clock may say when its time to lose weight A gene that helps regulate the body's natural rhythms may affect the metabolism, according to new research at the University of Virginia and the Medical College of Wisconsin. The gene Nocturin, regula ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
British Diet Still Too Salty Says Agency A new report by the UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) says that the average Briton still eats too much salt, although the level has come down a little in recent years. Published today, the FSA report ...
Mar 19 2007 2:42pm
Just say "no"! Most of us have heard this simple advice, but we still struggle with it. Here's another reminder'saying "No" is OK. Saying "no" to friends, family, projects, and social invitations you don't have the ...
Jun 30 2007 2:01pm
You Don't Have to Say Goodbye to Fast Food Most doctors and nutrition gurus would kill me for saying this, but it's true! You don't have to completely say goodbye to your favorite fast food restaurants if you are dieting or trying to be more ...
Nov 12 2007 2:30pm
... hree years. I've stuck with subway, watching what I eat and trying more often to order sma ... more
Nov 18 2007 7:08pm
This is what Denise Richards says... Denise Richards (movie star, ex of Charlie Sheen and Richie Sambora) says that she doesn't discuss weight loss in front of her daughters. She doesn't want them to get body issues. She does say that sh ...
Apr 01 2008 11:49am
I see a lot of kids affected by their parents hangups about weight. You may not believe y ... more
Apr 01 2008 6:08pm
say this for weight loss “I want to lose weight” Believe it or not, no matter how insanely you might consciously want to lose weight; your subconscious mind might have some other plans. There are many reasons why the ...
Aug 21 2007 12:15pm
Isn't that so interesting? I wonder if this works on wrinkles too? I want to have smooth ... more
Oct 05 2007 7:44am