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What S Not Good To Eat When You Have Hyperthyroidism - General Discussions

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Your thyroid For the most part, your thyroid is a reliable gland that goes about its business creating hormones successfully and effectively. describes it thus: ““The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped glan ...
Apr 16 2012 7:25am
It's What You Eat, Not How, That Counts Curbing overeating may have more to do with food choices than with how it's portioned out and eaten, a new study finds. A team at Children's Hospital Boston gave 18 teens a fast-food meal comprising ...
May 11 2007 12:27pm
Exercise for good health, not just weight loss. I have been on a diet cum exercise routine to lose pregnancy weight. It has been successful, but it’s increasingly difficult to shed each pound. Since the past couple of weeks, the needle o ...
Jul 23 2007 3:40am
Fasting not always good for weight loss According to experts, fasting isn't the most effective weight loss tool around. Joe Fuhrman, MD, who wrote Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Plan for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss and Fasting and Eati ...
Jan 29 2008 1:15pm
I'm against anything radical myself unless it is under ... more
Jan 30 2008 9:15am
Eat Organic to Smell Good We all pretty familiar with the fact that eating onions and garlic can make the odor seep through your pores. Many of us know that you can eat chlorophyll based foods, green stuff like parsley, mint ...
Aug 18 2007 11:00pm
:) more
Aug 23 2007 6:29pm
Too good not to share! “Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I don’t think so.” Anonymous. I discovered this quote while going through a great book and I felt it was too good not to share with you ...
Aug 01 2007 3:43am
4 Forbidden Foods Your Furry Friends Should Not Eat Do you love your pets? Read our blog to find out that these 4 foods can be harmful to your furry family members.   4 Forbidden Foods Your Furry Friends Should Not Eat
Feb 07 2014 9:59am
Eating Organic Really Is Good for You Forget the naysayers who insist that eating organic isn't different from eating non-organic. According to a four-year EU Study detailing the benefits of organic food, some of them--fruit, veggies, a ...
Oct 30 2007 12:05pm
also eating organic helps you avoid geneticaly ... more
Jun 08 2009 5:39am
Not So Good I am the president of my company and work has been very busy lately so I have not had time to get to the gym a lot this week. However, I have been doing a lot of gardening and house work--fixing up t ...
Jun 03 2007 4:48pm
Eating Ruts are Good for Your Waistline A recent USA Today article reported that most successful dieters pick meals and stick with them. Breakfast and lunch in particular. People who pick one or two breakfasts and lunches to eat every day ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... get into a lot of trouble when I don't know what I'm having for a meal. I do better if I ... more
Nov 10 2007 3:39pm