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What Kind Of Foods To Eat With Type-2-diabetes - General Discussions

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Eating Healthy Article What IS a Healthy Diet by: Chris Chenoweth There is so much information about what is healthy and nutritious these days that it is very difficult to sort out the hype from the truth. Following a ...
Feb 02 2007 5:58am
High Fibre Foods Nutrition Site Moss Greene BellaOnline's  Nutrition  Editor Having a great list of high fiber foods list of high fiber foods and a high fiber food ...
Mar 26 2011 5:01pm
Yoga and Food In yogic tradition, food is split up into three different categories that explain their essence and effect on your body and mind: Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic. Sattvic foods are considered th ...
Feb 27 2008 2:01pm
... vic, Rajasic, and Tamasic.All three types of foods have their place in a balanced diet and ... more
Nov 22 2013 7:00pm
Sliding Scale for Raw Foods It is true that nutrients are destroyed by heat. However, different types of heating destroy food nutrients to different extents. So, if you're a raw food enthusiast who doesn't always have the time ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... es. There is a book out about warming living foods without destroying the nutrients. It is ... more
Jul 16 2009 11:03am
Dutch hope to invent foods that prevent obesity Scientists in the Netherlands are developing a new generation of foods that can help prevent obesity by making people eat less, a research institute said on Thursday. The Top Institute Food and Nutri ...
Mar 23 2007 10:39am
Try an Old New Food When I was a kid I hated broccoli, black eyed peas, rice, and beets among other things. As an adult I've had to learn that my taste buds have changed. Now I really like broccoli, black eyed peas and ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Wild Oats/Whole Foods So, it looks like Whole Foods has been given permission to buy out Wild Oats. Wild Oats is an organic food chain that wasn't doing so well, and was about to go out of business. Whole Foods getting i ...
Aug 27 2007 8:52am
Honeybee die-off threatens food supply Unless someone or something stops it soon, the mysterious killer that is wiping out many of the nation's honeybees could have a devastating effect on America's dinner plate, perhaps even reducing us t ...
May 07 2007 12:38pm
Foods that clear up acne Every now and then, I find myself suffering from a post-adolescent breakout. I don't care what the experts say--I've definitely found that what I'm eating affects what my skin looks like, since I tend ...
Aug 05 2007 12:06pm
... e oily and junk food, drink plenty of water, eat lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and if ... more
Nov 07 2008 11:20pm
5 super foods for a healthy brain. As we age, our brain tends to get slower. However, eating the right kinds of food helps us remain ‘brainy.’ Here are some of my favorites. Blueberries. According to research, they impro ...
Sep 26 2007 5:16am
... I tried blueberries in my oatmeal - it was great! I put it in the microwave for a minute ... more
Feb 25 2008 11:33am