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Natural foods to Control Blood Sugar Level Here is a list of foods you can have to naturally lower the blood sugar levels. Green Tea - Known to be a healthy drink, it also helps to control blood sugar levels. Garlic - It decreases the gluc ...
Jul 07 2007 11:17pm
Myth Buster: Vegetarian food is low in protein Most people who want to go vegetarian feel that they will end up with a diet that is deficient in proteins. However, this is not true. It is said that a proper vegetarian diet, that contains ...
Jul 29 2007 2:35am
What do you REALLY know about the Food You Eat!?? "Behind the food we love—Secrets that giant food companies don't want you to know. Americans have a longstanding love affair with food—the modern supermarket has, on average, 47,000 products. B ...
Apr 21 2010 1:20pm
... to go vegetarian and really pay attention to what I am putting into my body. more
Dec 09 2011 7:09pm
Foods List for Healthy Eating  Foods List for Healthy Eating This is a searchable collection of nutritional data on thousands of foods for healthy diet. Healthy eating is not only beneficial to weight loss, but will obviously ...
Dec 01 2009 2:17am
... oportion and perfect combination the optimal foods that will nourish and serve you.  Not t ... more
Feb 01 2010 1:05pm
3 Low-Cal Tips when eating Indian food Yes-Indian food is great, especially for those of us who love spices. But when eating Indian food in a restaurant, you need to know what you are ordering so you do not end with a lot of calories. ...
Sep 25 2007 4:24am
Generally, I don't like Indian food. I wish I did as it is ... more
Dec 10 2007 7:11am
5 Reasons Why We Don't Eat Healthy Food Despite all the campaigns to promote fruit and vegetable intake - only a third of Americans eat two or more pieces of fruit per day. 25% don't eat any vegetables at all (ref). Why not? Recent resear ...
Apr 20 2007 11:23am
ENJOY YOUR FOOD BY EATING SLOWER! Many people overeat due to dissatisfaction after eating a meal. If you eat too fast, you won't get to enjoy your food. Studies have also shown that it takes 20 minutes for your food to reach to your ...
Oct 12 2007 3:20pm
... not talking, or on the phone. Regardless of what they were doing, they were all eating qu ... more
Oct 18 2007 5:55pm
Eat your wild foods! I once attended a women's conference several years ago where a prominent speaker proclaimed that people (and women are people too!) should be eating more wild foods. There are lots of yet undiscovered ...
Jul 05 2007 10:36pm
Who is still eating fast food? I'm curious - I live in LA and practically no one here eats fast food. However, when I go back home to the Midwest, it's still a common thing. What regions have you noticed are still eating fast food?
Jul 30 2007 9:47pm
Well.... I see what you're saying, CLR. But then again, if y ... more
Aug 05 2007 12:13pm
Eating Indian Food I really enjoy the taste of Indian food. The part I liked best about it was that it had a larger portion of vegetables, lentils, beans etc and focused less on meat. A larger serving of vegetables ma ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
*All* restaurants will make changes to your meal upon request. You can ask for di ... more
Aug 20 2007 4:12pm