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Weight Gain Before Weight Loss - General Discussions

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Weight Loss Challenge - Lose Weight - Gain Cash! Hi Everyone - I wanted to invite everyone to join our Weight Loss Challenge! It is listed under Classes and Events! Here is the URL: Here i ...
Feb 29 2008 7:27pm
Weight Loss Challenge - Lose Weight - Gain Cash! Join Now! Be Spring's Biggest Loser! Spring into a "New You" at EZ Weight Loss 101 Here you can Lose Weight and Gain Money! Join our club for only $29.00 for a 12 week class. Average Weight Loss is ...
Feb 29 2008 7:29pm
Gaining Weight and Gaining Fat During Marathon Training?! To my dismay, I gained 12 pounds over the 3 months I trained for my first marathon. I tried to console myself with the belief that it was new muscle mass. But it's impossible to gain that much muscl ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... really hungry. I have managed to maintain my weight at 53kg and I am onlt 5ft. However I h ... more
Feb 01 2011 10:26am
Measure Body Fat, Not Body Weight. This is just something I read, and felt it is an interesting piece of information for those on a diet, actually for almost everyone. When on a weight-loss program, we tend to measure our body weight ...
Jul 14 2007 3:23am
... g relying on body fat measurement instead of body weight. I am a certified fitness trainer ... more
Jun 18 2009 8:32pm
Weight Management Interested in good nutrition, weight loss, weight gain, weight management? Looking for a boost in energy? Increased metabolism? Nutrition and good eating habits is the way to go! Contact m ...
Oct 29 2007 3:40am
lets wear our jersey on a same day this week! more
Oct 29 2007 4:03pm
Maintaining Weight Loss As someone who gains weight merely looking at food, I know the troubles of trying to maintain weight. I was not blessed with a miracle metabolism and I cannot eat whatever I want whenever I want. If ...
Jan 23 2007 6:36pm
... rol can put me all the way to dismay with my weight. you are right losing weight is never ... more
May 15 2010 3:17pm
Weight gain while pregnant What better time to let your eating go insane than when you’re pregnant? You won’t feel as guilty when you gain weight, and you always have a valid excuse due to “eating for two.” Well…not really. ...
Jan 27 2007 3:08pm
... things that helped me stay within the target weight gain. 1. I remembered that everythin ... more
Feb 02 2007 4:33pm
A Ban on Soft Drinks in Schools could lead to significant Weight Loss. With growing rates of childhood obesity, an all out ban on junk food in schools should be considered. Soft drinks, for example, appears to be a potentially potent risk factor for weight gain. One st ...
Jul 10 2007 8:31am
MYTH: The more you cut calories the more weight you lose MYTH: The more you cut calories the more weight you lose. TRUTH: That can actually hurt you. If you cut calories too far (below 1200 per day) your metabolism and muscle mass decrease in order t ...
Nov 20 2007 3:04pm
TV: The Enemy of Weight Management What is it about the tube? It's filled up with shows about makeovers, diets, and obesity - but the mere presence of an active TV can increase your chances of eating poorer fare. A recent UK article h ...
Apr 20 2007 11:13am