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suboxone weaning sucks I cant even begin to describe how glad I am to have found this site..hoping to find a few friends who have been there done that. I'm down to a half a mg of suboxone. today makes day4 and I cant beli ...
Mar 15 2013 6:32am
Breastfeed and lose weight Contrary to popular belief, a woman who breastfeeds regains her figure faster compared to a woman who does not. This is because a breastfeeding mother utilizes the fat that is accumulated durin ...
Aug 02 2007 2:22pm
Yes, breastfeeding does the body good. Does the ... more
Aug 14 2007 8:31am
Grilled cheese; without the cheese... Milk; does it really do a body good? It's yummy, alright. And as human beings, we need our calcium. But there are some doctors and nutritionists out there who think we're really not supposed to be ea ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Sugar Struggles Yikes. I can't remember if I posted about my intent to give up sugar before. I believe I did and was being incredibly optimistic and saying it's easy, etc. etc. But I was so wrong! It's been about a m ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Sugar Blues I used to be addicted to sugar but reading Sugar Blues helped me kick the habit. The information in this book helps you understand why sugar is unhealthy and provides ways to wean yourself off sugar ...
Jan 28 2007 10:43pm
The book Sugar Shock is also a great book describing what sugar does to you and real stori ... more
Sep 01 2007 9:21pm
Carbonated Soda Alternatives Look for the various seltzer (soda) waters that are flavored with fruit essences. Some that I have switched to have been; LaCroix Lime/Lemon, Perrier, Generic Supermarket Brand Seltzers are winners ...
Mar 16 2008 7:13pm
this site has great 100% juice "sodas" none of the nasty stuff, but all the feeling of a s ... more
Jul 16 2010 12:43am
The upside of five dollar per gallon gasoline As I write this, late June 2008, the cost of a gallon of regular gasoline in my neighborhood is four dollars and 79 cents (and 9/10 for whatever that's about). Six weeks ago, it was 3.99. That's a 17 ...
Jul 02 2008 5:36pm
I remember, several years ago having a really long power outage and my wife and I had no ... more
Sep 01 2008 4:19pm
Cutting out artificial sweeteners I need to cut out artificial sweeteners out of my diet- I am okay with small amounts in things, but I end up adding ridiculous amounts to other foods I buy (plain yogurt, coffee, oatmeal, etc).   ...
Mar 12 2010 10:56pm
Thanks! I am trying to cut down but hadn't thought of replacing half with real sugar. Wary ... more
Mar 16 2010 3:17pm
medela pump Medela pumps and breast pumps are really useful to young mothers. If you are not able to breast feed your baby the you can go for medela pump or brest pumps and can feed the baby. These are availabl ...
Apr 21 2009 7:59am
Yeah, Medela pumps are so popular and good that any mommy would like to buy, I am no diffe ... more
Feb 03 2010 12:13pm
Only quitters quit quitting Nobody said quitting smoking is easy. Like any addiction, the first step is admitting to yourself that you've got an addiction. The next step is wanting to do something ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm