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Bikini Ready in 5 Easy Steps Ready for the beach? If not, take a few of these tips to heart and you'll be ready before you can say bikini. 1. Write Down What You Eat. If you want to get serious about cutting calories, ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Thanks for the no nonsense practical ideas. We'd all be better off if we dumped the fad ... more
Oct 10 2007 4:52pm
Happy to provide ski tips (figuratively, not literally)! =) I have been downhill skiing since I was really young and would be more than happy to provide basic ski tips/advice/info to anyone who wants to learn and is a bit nervous about it, etc.
Jan 31 2007 3:09pm
"The Man Who Skied Down Everest" "The Man Who Skied Down Everest" is a film from 1975 of a team that made the climb up Mt. Everest, where only 350 meters from the Summit (the highest point in the world), world-champion skier Yuichi ...
Mar 09 2008 6:52pm
It's available on Netflix. I imagine you can find it at some local movie stores, but it re ... more
Mar 10 2008 6:16pm
Skiing vs. Snowboarding soo, i've been skiing for a while now... (about 5 years).. and i used to snowboard a bit (befor i started skiing) but recently, everytime i went up to tahoe with my friends, they have all been snowbo ...
Jun 05 2007 1:23pm
I totally agree with ThomasJaocob.  They are two different activities.  They both have eas ... more
Sep 28 2009 10:05am
Love Skiing the winter season just ended... i managed to go on a tahoe trip in april (or was it march?) but that was a few months ago already... i miss it now i have to wait for half a year till i can snowboard ...
Jun 01 2007 4:50pm
Get free ski & snowboard gear from Sessions! This is a pretty cool promo Sessions Snowboards is having where you can win free snowboard gear: Sessions is giving away free boards, clothing ...
Apr 24 2009 11:29am
Ski/Snowboard trip January 11th A group of friends and I will be heading to Boreal next weekend (January 11th and 12th). This crazy storm is going to bring wonderful snow! We will be staying at Boreal's lodge. They offer a lif ...
Jan 04 2008 12:15pm
I'll be driving :) more
Jan 04 2008 12:36pm
Water, Water and MORE WATER! By now we all know we are supposed to drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day. But how do know when you've done it? I took a selection of glasses and poured eight ounces of water into each of the ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... It seems ridiculous to ask my host how much water their glasses hold... How do you guys h ... more
Jan 17 2010 12:57pm
Water, water, water I read somewhere that a lot of the times you feel hungry, your body is actually telling you to drink water! Who knew? I find that if I can get the correct amount of water (not coffee!) into my body ...
Sep 10 2007 10:10am
Water, water and more water I'm making an effort to drink more water this week. I measured eight ounces into a glass so I'd know that I was getting the correct amount. My new rule is that I drink a full eight ounces of w ...
Sep 02 2008 7:35am
... bathroom breaks....  I started increasing my water intake at work (great especially b/c I ... more
Sep 17 2008 8:08am