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Not your Ordinary Walking Video I’ve done Leslie Sansone and it’s okay if you’re having a low key kind of day. But if you can’t get outside and really want to kick it into gear try Walking for Weight Loss. It not on has walking ...
Sep 22 2007 3:38pm
... I have lost over 40 pounds using her in home walking program. I love Leslie. I have b ... more
Apr 12 2009 4:26pm
Reducing weight around the tummy I have been walking regularly and have shed a lot of pregnancy weight. But somehow, the bulge around the tummy refuses to go. I have started doing sit-ups as it is said to be a good for tummy re ...
Oct 17 2007 4:37pm
I had the same problem. Sit ups are not going to work. You can't spot reduce. Healthy exer ... more
Feb 25 2008 12:47pm
Is The Safe and Smart Weight Loss Edge Gold Package a good fit for you? Book Review The Safe and Smart Weight Loss Edge E-Book is for someone who is overwhelmed by the weight loss process. If you have little time to conduct searches on the internet, then Barbara Ling will save you ...
Feb 11 2008 12:12pm
Thanks for this review.  Very helpful.   ----------------------------------------- ... more
Nov 08 2009 4:27am
Top 5 Reasons to Start Weight Loss Today! I got this from a website called "The Fit Shack" There is no tomorrow. No, I’m not being a fatalist here. Let me ask you though, to think back and count how many times you have told yourself ...
Jul 25 2007 7:56pm
It takes 30 days to change a habit. not only three weeks more
Jul 26 2007 2:06pm
lower pain body tone weight loss I need to tone all of my body, especially my inner thighs and upper inner arms, ginggle arms and inner thighs that seem to wiggle a litle bit. I am almost 62 and still acitve but obviously not doing ...
Jul 27 2008 7:32am
... a teacher as well as working with some light weights at home. (It's a great rationalizatio ... more
Jul 27 2008 7:42pm
my weight loss tips/eating plans I became unhappy with my weight about year ago as I began my sophomore year of college. I decided to lose weight when I started wearing a pant size in the high double digits and when I noticed that ...
Nov 29 2011 3:21am
There are many types of eating plans for weight loss to choose from, including fad diets ... more
Dec 17 2012 12:33pm
Exercising harder keeps weight off longer People who consistently engage in high levels of exercise over the long haul are the most successful at losing weight and keeping it off, a new study shows. Among a group of overweight men and women ...
May 02 2007 11:15am
my weight Hi, my name is Sarah and I started this group in hopes that it will become a place where people can post their weight success and failures without being judged. This is a safe enviornment where we ca ...
Jul 20 2007 3:36pm
Hi I'm Deborah B and I'm also looking for a place to chat with people who share my interes ... more
Sep 03 2007 8:49pm
Liposuction--Still Not the Best Way to Lose Weight In our quick-fix culture, it's not a huge surprise that the popularity of liposuction is rapidly on the rise. Over 323,600 patients underwent the surgery in 2005, according to the American Academy o ...
Jul 30 2007 3:28pm
strength (weights) training how often is it still beneficial if I do strength (weights) training only twice per week? (I run 4-5 times per week). I want to prevent injury in my legs (for running) and strengthen my upper body as I use it v ...
Feb 14 2008 12:16pm
Absolutely, just make sure there is enough time between workouts for your muscles to recov ... more
Mar 07 2008 2:16pm