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Walking club for kids Click on the post title above to see a video from about a "Walking Club" for children in Atlanta. The group can cover more than 2.5 miles a day, which is great, and it is certainly promoting ...
Apr 17 2008 6:55pm
Looking for a Tennis Practice Wall in Slovakia Dear Well-mates: You may be interested in what it takes to exercise in far away places. I wrote this in March 2003. But don’t forget that in the Spring of 2004, Slovakia joined the Europe ...
Jan 26 2007 7:15pm
Walk in Water If you want to step up your workout, try walking in water. If you walk in water that is thigh deep you burn twice as many calories as you would on dry land. That's more than 200 calories in just hal ...
Jul 17 2007 1:22pm
... I feel like shoes are just so annoying when walking. Now, my feet will feel light and I i ... more
Dec 14 2007 5:16pm
interested i was wanting to know more about the runs. are you running to win a prize or are the runs for a reason? do you have to run the whole time or can you walk? my sister is part of a running c ...
Jun 03 2008 8:52am
Have a Happier Time on This Earth The typical U.S. lifestyle has become increasingly more isolated, thanks in part to our iPods, the Internet, and communing online. If we become too attached to our impersonal, electronic gadgets, we r ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Start walking to train for a long fund-raiser walking event I am looking to find out the best training methods to be able to walk in a 30+ mile two-day fund-raising event in July, 2007.
Jan 24 2007 4:27pm
Curious how your walking event went. Did you make it happen? 3 ... more
Jul 20 2007 11:01am
"Walking" without walking Some of you may not be able to walk in the traditional sense at all. My uncle in law was a star of the Wheelchair Olympics. Having been shot and paralyzed since the age of 19, he made up his mind to ...
Dec 31 2007 2:26pm
If you like to walk, try Nordic Walking Nordic walking uses two specially designed poles to work the upper body while walking. Similar to cross country skiing, the poles are used by the arms to match each step the person takes. Nordi ...
Mar 14 2008 7:03pm
I really wish I could get into Nordic training... I tried it at my gym and it was like a b ... more
Mar 14 2008 7:28pm
Geezer Gyms If you're a baby boomer (as I am), you know that walking into a hot new gym where everyone's young, toned and strutting their stuff feels a just a tad uncomfortable. Well, you know we boomers weren't ...
Jun 19 2007 8:28pm
Grow Old With It Have you ever noticed that a lot of older people tend to play golf? The reason for this, I'd imagine, is that it is a rather time consuming sport. If you are playing one of the larger courses, you c ...
Aug 23 2007 12:25pm
Let go of my ego! more
Jan 28 2009 8:43am