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A regular exercise routine is vital. Making time for a regular exercise activity in your daily life is vital. No matter how small the evercise. Making time for oneself and doing some exercise would go a long way to maintaining a health ...
May 07 2009 4:41pm
Employee wellness vital to firms BEIJING, Feb. 1 -- Chronic disease is a crisis not only crippling people but it is also crippling economies. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 60 percent of deaths worldwide in 2005 ...
Feb 01 2008 10:35am
Nutrients Necessary for a Vegetarian Diet If you're thinking of becoming a vegetarian, be sure to do it carefully. Sometimes, vital nutrients that are found in meat sources are lacking in vegetarian diets when they lack variety. For exam ...
Aug 11 2007 6:50pm
What a horrifically written article. It is far easier to have a bad diet with animal pro ... more
Apr 04 2010 10:15pm
Mushroom Power! Out of more than 100,000 species of fungi, over a dozen types have been used in China for more than 3,000 years to increase immunity, strengthen the lungs and other organs, and as a vital part of canc ...
Aug 27 2007 5:38am
Juicing for health (and weight loss) There is evidence to support the cancer fighting and protective qualities of raw juices and foods. All those beneficial veggies like Broccoli and Carrots can be juiced. Many people have improved th ...
Nov 01 2007 5:15pm
I like carrot juice and it does my body good. However, some people's bodies might find car ... more
Nov 08 2007 7:31pm
Motivation for going to the gym I have a product that helps with stress reduction, enhance mobility cellulite reduction. weight loss, more energy, anti-aging, menatl clarity,physical vitality, sleep aid, anxiery and Depression Rel ...
Dec 28 2007 10:36am
Tai Chi and its connection to Qigong I read an article recently about qigong, which is definitely connected to tai chi in both philosophy and practice. Qigong is an aspect of traditional Chinese medicine that involves the coordinat ...
Jan 29 2008 1:54pm
I have already suggested to the Powers That Be here that they expand this category to be c ... more
Feb 03 2008 11:25pm
Whey Protein for Your Health Looking for a protein powder? Look no further—whey protein is one of the highest-quality bioavailable proteins on the market. The reason it’s so great? It provides the raw material for glutathione ...
Aug 02 2007 7:38pm
Have a Happier Time on This Earth The typical U.S. lifestyle has become increasingly more isolated, thanks in part to our iPods, the Internet, and communing online. If we become too attached to our impersonal, electronic gadgets, we r ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
The insurance companies are joining in on wellness! So, it looks like Care First/Blue Choice is seeing the light in terms of wellness and preventative medicine. Members are able to log onto their web site for health information. They have included in ...
Aug 12 2007 1:09pm
Health insurance companies need to take action like Care First/Blue Choice because people ... more
Aug 14 2007 7:54am