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Scheduling Your Workout You've heard it before, but my scheduling your workout into your daily routines will help ensure that it gets done. We always have things come up, but by writing it in the planner, and making it non- ...
Jun 21 2007 10:08am
Stick to YOur Walking Schedule If you want to stick to a walking schedule and are always finding excuses to back out try this. Go to your local pet shelter and sign up to walk a dog. By making a commitment you will not only help ...
Jul 17 2007 1:23pm
Having gotten 2 doggies from the pound, I think this is a swell idea! First of all, some m ... more
Dec 15 2007 4:59pm
Autumn 2007 Schedule Greetings! The autumn schedule for JKA Shotokan is as follows: Tuesday: 6:30 - 8:00 PM, Burnham Pavilliion Thursday: 6:30 - 8:00 PM, Burnham Pavilliion Saturday: Noon - 2:00 PM, San D ...
Oct 10 2007 7:26pm
can you send me a schedule of dance class can you send me a schedule of dance class
Jul 06 2008 4:29pm
Scheduling exercise I've heard, lord knows where or when, that, when starting an exercise program, it's a good idea to work out one day and rest the nect, etc... Any truth to that? ~ Alex
May 13 2008 12:24pm
It's helpful to have a buddy - I'm looking for one - hint, hint.... What kind of exercis ... more
Feb 26 2011 2:15pm
Do Yoga with Your Kids There's no better way to fit your yoga into the day than by letting your kids join in. Be patient - kids may not catch on right away or enjoy the practice. Every little bit helps. Even if they only ...
Jun 13 2007 12:05pm
I think any exercise you do with your kids is good. It sets a good example and they alway ... more
Nov 30 2007 3:34pm
"Bell's Palsy of the Gut" and Other GI Manifestations of Lyme and Associated Diseases PRACTICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY April 2006 by Virginia T. Sherr, MD Bell's palsy signifies paralysis of facial muscles related to inflammation of the associated seventh Cr ...
Jul 08 2008 6:40pm
When to Suspect Lyme The most useful diagnostic reference: the “Bible” of Lyme medical literature. by John Bleiweiss, MD. The When To Suspect Lyme Disease essay: This essay, written by John D. Bleiweiss, ...
Jul 08 2008 6:37pm
Panic Attacks May Reveal Previously Unsuspected Chronic Disseminated Lyme Disease Journal of Psychiatric Practice November, 2000 VIRGINIA T. SHERR, MD The author describes the histories of three patients with panic-like episodes that turned out to be related to un ...
Jul 09 2008 6:07pm
It is just right to diagnose someone properly and look closely to the signs and symptoms t ... more
Sep 17 2010 12:35am
Boost the immune system with yoga The other day I had a slight throat at night. In the morning my nose started running as I went off to yoga. I definitely coming down with a cold. But after 2o minutes of my ashtanga yoga class, ...
Jan 29 2008 4:01pm
Hey Stehanie, Don't beat yourself up if you aren't consistant. Just start being cons ... more
Feb 24 2008 8:55am