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The life force linking Yoga, Tai Chi and Reiki. I try to do yoga as often as I can and I found out something really interesting. A long-time instructor explained how Yoga, Tai Chi and Reiki are so deeply interlinked. He said that the ‘Chi’ ...
Aug 20 2007 10:59pm
Can you force someone to get help? I just found out recently my younger sister is suffering from bulimia. I caught her purging after dinner. She claims she has been doing for months. Now she is refusing to get help. She is only 16. How ...
Jan 21 2009 3:47pm
In my experience, you can't get people to do anything unless they want to do it. A famil ... more
Jan 27 2009 5:52am
Bike advocates become political force in San Francisco Bikers enthusiasts around the country who still have a hard time getting city officials to return their calls can take a lesson from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. The group has more than 6,000 ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Trying to Force Things vs. Letting Go One of my issues with self-help mems like "The Secret" is that far too often we're taught that we need to really push our energies outside ourselves to "create" a better life. Now, I think some go ...
Feb 24 2008 9:02pm
"Strangely, I find that the more receptive I am (i.e., being in a state of not pushing too ... more
Feb 28 2008 11:48pm
Reiki 101 What the heck is Reiki? Good question! Like Yoga, there seems to be a lot of variation on the definition and practices of Reiki. It can be a spiritual practice, or simple a therapy said to aid in h ...
Sep 14 2007 6:32am
to know the benefits of energy work requires experiencing the shift or change personally ... more
Aug 13 2009 12:01am
Top 5 Exercises to do at Home From SA Change your thoughts Push ups This is my all time favourite exercise to do in the house and can be done almost anywhere. If done correctly it can strengthen stamina and build y ...
Jul 27 2007 4:05pm
Meridians - Pathways of Energy The underlying theory behind acupuncture and related disciplines is that the body has a series energetic pathways called meridians that act as pathways for life force energy (chi). The ancient yo ...
Dec 26 2007 9:59pm
nice     have u been 2 india more
Sep 06 2009 12:28am
Seniors and Bankruptcy I'm sorry - but in the USA when an 80-year old has no option but to file bankruptcy - I get royally pissed! This 80-year-old woman was still working to supplement her social security income but she ...
Aug 30 2008 1:39pm
A lot of American seniors are becoming broke because of the skyrocketing costs of health s ... more
Mar 22 2012 10:14am
Neck and Shoulder Pain Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Tips - These work for my neck and shoulder pain I work at the computer almost every day. I work A LOT. So, there are lots of days that I end up with neck and shoulde ...
Mar 26 2008 12:57pm
Going Kung Fu Hustle on Studies Particularly,this study. That's right. I don't sit here and take the nitrogenous bovine waste coming down the pike and put up with misleading information, especially when the ridiculousness is so b ...
Jun 26 2008 8:08am