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I am going to lose 25 pounds by training for a triathlon Hello Good People! I'm a healthy,happy, 50 year old family man, with a thriving solar power promoting website/radio show. I have just one problem. I weigh 225. My doctor says I ...
Jul 02 2007 1:51pm
How is training going? This is an amazing challenge ... more
Sep 12 2007 10:50am
Triathlon training There are four triathlon distances: sprint, international, half ironman, and ironman. The international distance is the most common: 1.5k (.93mi) swim, 40k (24.8mi) bike, 10k (6.2mi) run. I highly r ...
Jan 28 2007 10:01pm
Do Team In Training! I did my first triathlon through Team In Training and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Raising money for an amazing cause (fighting cancer) made the whole experience so much more meanin ...
Jun 13 2007 10:06am
... st triathlon! My first was also with Team In Training. I cant say enough about how great t ... more
May 20 2008 5:56pm
Triathlon tips for beginners Triathlons are great, fun events but can quite taxing, especially for beginners. If you are a new participant in a triathlon event, here are a few tips to help you enjoy the event. 1. If you are no ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Team In Training! If you're thinking about training for an endurance event this year (marathon, triathlon, century ride, etc.), I can't recommend more highly Team In Training! One of the best things you could do thi ...
Jan 03 2008 3:53pm
Stanford Triathalon Club The Stanford Triathlon Team is about promoting the "triathlon lifestyle" at Stanford and in the surrounding communities. From day to day, this means getting together with a great group of people and ...
Oct 19 2007 3:48pm
Wildflower 2008! If you're considering training for a triathlon, I highly recommend Wildflower! It's a whole experience, and it draws literally thousands of amateur triathletes from all over the country for a weeke ...
Feb 25 2008 12:08pm
I have done this race and it is INCREDIBLE! Highly recommend for 2009! more
May 20 2008 7:33pm
Triathlon-Getting Started As I imagine Wellsphere members liklely visit this community even if they've never participated in a triathlon, I'd like them to have an idea of what it takes to get started from our seasoned triath ...
May 05 2008 7:46pm
... . So have fun with it and dont kill yourself training. I tend to go through cycles where t ... more
May 20 2008 6:15pm
Taking Exercise Outside for Maximum Benefit Taking Exercise Outside for Maximum Benefit - With the increasing presence of technology and information in our lives more and more of our time is spent inside. We travel from one box to the next. W ...
Nov 23 2007 3:20pm
The benefits of exercising outdoors The benefits of outdoor exercise With technology and information more and more of our time is spent inside. We travel from one box to the next. We sleep inside we eat inside we step into our car ...
Nov 23 2007 3:22pm
I have started exercising regularly for about a year now- and I have really noticed the ch ... more
Dec 02 2007 3:58am