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Nike +'s "The Human Race 10k" and Apple team up for a great running experience The Nike + Human Race 10k is scheduled for August, 31, 2008, and now Apple is giving people an extra incentive to run in one of the 25 cities hosting a race (including, in the U.S., NYC and Chicago) o ...
Jul 24 2008 3:08pm
Running Man Gear Urban Race Nights Cash Prize Running Man Gear Race Nights are composed of 3 racing distances all races are one on one, the winner moves on to the next race. Runners can purchase challenges for $5 to challange other runners at a d ...
May 07 2009 9:58am
Don't be shy about Fart(lek) Are you stuck in a workout rut? Bored with running the same route day after day? Here's one way to shake things up, and become a stronger runner at the same time: Fartlek. It's not as bad as it sounds ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Fartleks are my favorite form of speed training. ... more
Dec 13 2009 9:17pm
Try a low-key race to up the pace As an alternative (or supplement) to intervals on the track, some of my "running buddies" participate in the Dolphin South End Running Club's weekly low-key races. Every Sunday at 9 a.m., DSE holds a ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Skip the Warmup During a Hot Weather Race If you’re running one of the many 5K road races or other events this season, standard practice dictates a short warm-up and a few striders and/or bounding exercises before the gun goes off. But if i ...
Aug 31 2007 10:54am
Not looking back! Step One of setting goals: Make it Meaningful. The reason this goal is meaningful to me is that I need to find a new sport. I love love love to run trails. I love my soccer team. I love playing ...
Oct 30 2007 8:49pm
... nee and biking is a great way to explore the trails that surround the bay area and you see ... more
Jan 25 2008 12:49pm
Eating on the Run Runners on the go with limited time and money need a food plan that combines solid nutrition, convenience, and relatively low cost. We need our carbs, moderate protein and fat, preferably consumed w ...
Aug 28 2007 10:19am
I don't know how I missed this article in Runner's World. I wasn't aware of the magica ... more
Aug 28 2007 7:06pm
Keep running together! Planning to go for a run? Train for another race? Want some company? Post a run here so your teammates can join you! (e.g., 5 mile run / meet at Monkey Bars / Saturday, 2/24 / 10am)
Feb 19 2007 3:47pm
I still do a buddy run on Tuesday or Monday nights at 6:30pm fro ... more
Mar 07 2007 9:04am
Best pre and post run snake When I used to run back in the 1980's I made a point to eat loads of pasta the day before a race. I am trying to cut down on starches and refined flour. Based on this, what would you recommen ...
Jan 28 2008 9:54pm
Share your Race Day experience! Share your story from Race Day - how were you feeling? what'd you eat? how was the run for you? what was the hardest part? shining moments? We want to hear from you!
Feb 19 2007 3:40pm