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Savoring Structure Bringing a routine into your life can really help you stay religious on those things in life we are obligated to obey – namely work, diet, and exercise. I used to be very anti-calendar, thinking, ...
Oct 05 2007 4:04pm
If I over-schedule then that can be stressful and make me feel hemmed in. So I try to have ... more
Oct 06 2007 10:43pm
Realistic Goal Setting The key to achieving your goals lies in setting realistic goals. Here are some tips to help you along the way. Keep it simple. Avoid making drastic, sweeping changes that would be extr ...
Oct 18 2007 5:09am
I used to constantly make grand, lofty goal lists that were completely pie in the sky, but ... more
Oct 25 2007 9:33am
setting up a table is there anyone who knows where a table can be set up to give free samples of a healthy energy drink in the orlando area? i would prefer if it was for health reasons and just like setting it up at a f ...
May 07 2008 12:24pm
Set Achievable Mini Goals to Accomplish Ambitious Goals Goals are a great way to motivate myself. But I've found that some goals are so ambitious (e.g., complete my first marathon) or devoid of metrics that indicate my progress (e.g., learn to swim --- ra ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Weight Loss Goal Setting So maybe you’ve set a long-term goal to eat better and lose 20 pounds. Great job! But how are you going to get there? The long-range goal on its own can seem a bit overwhelming, but broken down into ...
Sep 10 2007 12:56pm
Setting a time goal Setting a goal to participate in an event will give you the extra motivation to keep swimming and constantly improve.
Jun 07 2007 12:27pm
Setting small goals adds up big I agree that setting up very small goals is a good way to stay motivated. It is daunting to think of losing 50 lbs over a year, but losing 5 lbs. in a month is more acheivable.
Jul 10 2007 4:27pm
Burt's Bill for Setting the Natural Standard Burt's Bees is taking steps to ensure that products marked "natural" are just that, natural. Burt's Bill for Setting the Natural Standard is designed to promote the development of a standard for ...
May 26 2008 4:42pm
WTA Tour and Bed Bath & Beyond team up for "Game, Set, Health" Get tips on nutrition and hydration, psychology, fitness and conditioning, and health care online at "Game, Set, Health", presented by Bed Bath & Beyond ( ...
May 27 2008 5:57pm
Challenging bike ride expected to set record for AIDS fund-raisin More than 2,500 people are expected to participate in the 2007 AIDS/LifeCycle a seven-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The six-year-old event has raised more than $27 million ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am