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thigh muscle spasms I am having terrible thigh muscle spasms.  Pain on outer thigh, in middle of hip and knee on thigh.  Had both hips replaced.  Total hip replacements.  Very painful to walk.  Anyone with similiar pro ...
Apr 16 2009 6:28pm
My father has muscle spasms too, he visited his doctor and he began a therapy, his doctor ... more
Nov 02 2010 9:30am
Hip Replacement Hello I am a 72 yr old woman and I have just found out that I may  need to have hip replacements for both hips but the left one is worse than the right so will have this one done first. Is there ...
Feb 04 2010 11:54am
Managing Osteo-Arthritis in the Hips Dear Fellow Well-mates, I wanted to share with you some ideas of dealing with osteo-arthritis in the hips—and trying to avoid hip replacement surgery, or at least delay it as long as poss ...
Jan 24 2007 1:06pm
... lower back but also butcher knife pain in my hip. Doctors can't find out what that is but ... more
Feb 27 2009 1:10pm
A Non Low-Carbers Asks... "Why do you follow a low-carb regimen?" My Father was an Atkineer back in the early 80's when he broke his back and still managed to lose 80 pounds in 6 months. I began down a road of low-carb e ...
Jun 25 2008 11:08am
Thank you very much, I have never look at carbs this way. -------------------------- ... more
Nov 08 2009 4:31am
Bring Sexy Back! Come check out my Hip Hop class - get fit, feel great and put the FUNK back Have you ever see a Hip Hop performance and thought how much fun it would be to give it a try? Have you even happened upon a hip hop station on the radio and caught your hand tapping on the steering ...
Jan 28 2007 1:19pm
Dave, that would be great! Anytime! Just shoot me a note in advance so I can put you on ... more
Jan 29 2007 3:15pm
Hip hop sounds like fun I'm a bit envious of those who are able to dance up a hip hop storm. I bet hip hop classes are the way to get started -- but can I go alone, or do I really need to learn with a partner?
Oct 22 2007 3:18am
Go for it! If you've got friends that want to tag along that's fine but you'll be okay by ... more
Jun 16 2008 6:33am
Come Dancing: Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, and More Broadway Dance Studio in Astoria, Queens, offers lessons in Hip-Hop, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, and Pointe at reasonable rates. All levels taught; private and semi-private lessons available. Please contact ...
Sep 14 2007 10:04am
Hip Pop Americans consume 17 billion quarts of popped popcorn annually. It's not only a fun snack choice, but a healthy one, too--if you choose wisely. There are many microwave popcorns out there -- but most ...
Mar 14 2007 11:19am
Hip Hop The Hip Hop class at Stanford (Athletic 64) has begun and we have a great turnout. It's too late to join the class for Autumn Quarter, but the same class will be offered again Winter and Spring Qua ...
Oct 09 2007 8:52am
Hip Hop Check out the Hip Hop class M/W 5:15pm at the ACSR. It's awesome and will definitely get you movin'!
Jessica K.
Oct 09 2007 3:44pm