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Canada Food Guide for Toddlers 1-2 Grain Products- 5 or more toddler-sized servings per day Example of a serving: 4-6 crackers Vegetables & Fruits- 5 or more toddler-sized servings per day Example of a serving: 2-4 tbsp fresh, fro ...
Oct 30 2007 3:28pm
Standard pregnancy weight can lead to overweight toddlers The standard advice for how much weight a woman should gain during pregnancy may need to change, according to a rigorous and provocative study suggesting that even accepted weight gains may raise the ...
Apr 03 2007 11:03am
Playtime Workout Warm Up for Moms and Toddlers A sound workout includes a good warm up. A light aerobic activity elevates the body temperature. It signals your body to shift it’s focus from your organs and main body functions to your muscles and ...
Jan 29 2008 10:40am
Breastfeed and lose weight Contrary to popular belief, a woman who breastfeeds regains her figure faster compared to a woman who does not. This is because a breastfeeding mother utilizes the fat that is accumulated durin ...
Aug 02 2007 2:22pm
Yes, breastfeeding does the body good. Does the ... more
Aug 14 2007 8:31am
medela pump Medela pumps and breast pumps are really useful to young mothers. If you are not able to breast feed your baby the you can go for medela pump or brest pumps and can feed the baby. These are availabl ...
Apr 21 2009 7:59am
Yeah, Medela pumps are so popular and good that any mommy would like to buy, I am no diffe ... more
Feb 03 2010 12:13pm
Motherhood and Obesity Age of onset of puberty appears to be linked to a child's risk of obesity. Children born to mothers who experienced an early puberty are far more likely to be obese (via BBC). If a woman had her firs ...
Apr 26 2007 10:22am
Isn't this a chicken and egg kind of thing? I thought the onset of menstruation was trigge ... more
Oct 08 2008 6:01am
Reduce the risk of crib death Crib death is the sudden unexpected death of an apparently well baby aged from birth to two years. You might hear it called sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
It's okay to eat fish while you are pregnant!! I know, I know, the warnings come at you from everywhere... "Don't eat fish! Your baby will get mercury poisoning!" PLEASE be assured this dramatic recommendation is a case of too much caution, with ...
Jan 27 2007 11:07pm
Info on aspartame from the ADA What is aspartame?Aspartame is a low-calorie sweetening ingredient that provides the sweet taste of sugar without the calories. Aspartame has been used in numerous foods and beverages for more than 20 ...
Jan 27 2007 2:59pm
It's good to know that aspartame has been shown to be safe in quite a few studies, but I ... more
May 14 2008 10:13am
Fat Nears Smoking As Cause Of Cancer Wow. I knew obesity caused all sorts of health problems including heart troubles and diabetes but I never thought of it in conjunction with cancer. This report on the CBS News web site caugh ...
Oct 31 2007 4:09pm