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Disc Golf I play racquetball with a player who also plays disc golf. He told me a little bit about it, and it sounds like a challenge but a great way to get outdoors and have competitive fun with friends. ...
Nov 22 2007 7:12am
Top 5 Do's For Golf 1. Wish everyone luck. 2. Replace divets. Remember Pretty Woman (if it had been golf?) 3. Yell "Fore" if the ball's in danger of hitting someone. 4. Call a group through if you can't find your ball. ...
Jul 20 2007 10:35am
... course, learn how, and replace your divots, ball marks, rake bunkers, etc.Take lessons fr ... more
Jan 13 2008 6:59pm
Golfing workout keeps you swinging Pro golfers preach that to swing properly, golfers must do a basic amount of exercise and stretching. Golf Digest offers tips on how to break down a seven-step workout to combat aging into three level ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Corrective Golf I wanted to check in and see if anyone has any input on this. I just started playing golf and am not yet quite sure of what I'm doing. However, my friends wanted me to play with them so I went out the ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
It's important to learn the sport before playing it. Much like playing the piano, you have ... more
Jul 11 2007 11:35am
Top 5 Do Not's For Golf Don't... 1. Hit the ball if anyone's in range. Ouch. 2. Yack away when someone's preparing a hit. 3. Replace divots on the tee. A no-no. 4. Walk over a putting line when on the green. 5. Swear, shout ...
Jul 20 2007 10:37am
... ngs, or have a confab at other players' golf balls; go to your own ball, and be ready to h ... more
Jan 13 2008 7:03pm
Golf for Beginners Golf is one of the rare sports that where you can have some alone-time and play by yourself; or you can bond with a buddy over a friendly. In either case, it gets you outside, closer to nature and th ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... d to your doorstep! No more traipsing around golf shops all over town, just spend a bit of ... more
May 29 2009 5:48pm
Play Golf, and save the environment. Golf is a great sport to play – it is peaceful, stimulating, and relaxing – often at the same time. But another good reason to play golf is that studies indicate that areas having a golf cour ...
Aug 20 2007 11:14pm
Golf Etiquette If you are just starting to play, check this site out. Etiquette is VERY IMPORTANT in the game of golf and no one wants to make a fool of themselves ...
Jun 05 2007 1:35pm
Thanks for the info. I have to admit that when I first started playing, the etiquette was ... more
Jul 20 2007 10:43am
Mini Golf Last Sat I had a choice: movie, bar, or mini golf. I have not played mini golf in ten years, so I opted for it. It was fun. There are a lot of courses around, if you google it. And, talk about a he ...
Jul 23 2007 12:19pm
... lf game. I feel like I might want to hit the ball too hard. Although what you said about a ... more
Aug 03 2007 6:39pm
Being physically fit is key to golf longevity A lot of people think of golf as a non-athletic activity rather than as a sport. These people are wrong! The golf swing is one of the most technically difficult motions the human bo ...
Feb 01 2008 11:26am