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Early Man Couldn't Drink Milk The BBC are reporting that only a few thousand years ago no Europeans could digest milk. In order to digest milk, adult humans need to have a gene which produces an enzyme called lactase to break ...
Mar 05 2007 12:02pm
Suggestions for sleep aid/devices for elderly man w/PD? Our close friend has severe PD and his wife asked for help locating something to help prevent his neck/chin from dropping while he sleeps. Any suggestions for devices would be most welcome. She though ...
Feb 05 2010 1:45am
... nds came to the New Afrika Shrine, the performance hall where his son Femi Kuti performs e ... more
Oct 23 2012 6:46am
Eli Manning promotes fitness Eli Manning promotes fitness New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning tackles waistlines with the president's fitness challenge.
Mar 28 2008 6:54pm
Follow Up: The 400lb Marathon Man You may remember a few months back the story of Jacob. Jacob weighed over 400lbs and had pledged to run the Boston marathon (to the disgust and dismay of many long-distance runners). He is now over 80 ...
Apr 20 2007 11:19am
Eli Manning promotes toxic junk food Eli Manning, the quarterback for the Giants played a fabulous game the other day. I was up jumping around. However, I am disappointed to hear that he is going to promote oreo cookies. Surely ...
Feb 05 2008 12:13pm
... responsibility is in the parents' hands. In many cases, they're the one buying the grocer ... more
Mar 12 2008 6:14pm
"The Man Who Skied Down Everest" "The Man Who Skied Down Everest" is a film from 1975 of a team that made the climb up Mt. Everest, where only 350 meters from the Summit (the highest point in the world), world-champion skier Yuichi ...
Mar 09 2008 6:52pm
It's available on Netflix. I imagine you can find it at some local movie stores, but it re ... more
Mar 10 2008 6:16pm
World's Heaviest Man losing lots of weight and finding hope for the future I once saw a documentary on the man featured in this article (click post title to access.) Manuel Uribe once weighed a half-ton, but has now slimmed down by around 550 pounds. He dreams of walkin ...
Jun 16 2008 4:14pm
Thanks for sharing this article. What an inspiration!! more
Jun 17 2008 7:11am
Running Man Gear Urban Race Nights Cash Prize Running Man Gear Race Nights are composed of 3 racing distances all races are one on one, the winner moves on to the next race. Runners can purchase challenges for $5 to challange other runners at a d ...
May 07 2009 9:58am
SpiderMan hates Meat! Hey, anyone who loves a celeb and is trying to find inspiration to go veggie, check this out - Tobey Maguire is a vegan and has been for years. Star Magazine reported that he hates meat so much that h ...
Jul 06 2007 2:36pm
I need help, so i can help my wife? My wife is always getting sick, always........ Symptons right now are sever body aches, diarhea, runy nose, and bad sorethroat what might it be and how can i treat it or help?  
Mar 07 2011 2:38am
... ctor. Simply symptoms can’t enough to judge what actual problem is?  Proper health treatme ... more
May 13 2014 5:50am